Chapter-2|New Faces

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I was the first one to witness Riley's miraculous makeup skills

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I was the first one to witness Riley's miraculous makeup skills.

This girl could easily drop out of college right now and become a professional makeup artist.

She's that good.

"Damn girl. You are good with those brushes." Dani whistled, looking at herself in the mirror when she was ready.

I am currently curling my hair with my makeup done and I don't know why, but I was wearing my heels while doing it.

Idiot. A complete idiot.

"Thank you." Riley said, flipping her hair back.

"Okay, we don't have time. Quick on your feet, girls. Quick, quick." Dani said, snapping her fingers.

"Don't even talk about feet right now. Mine is already killing me." I grumbled.

"Well, you are an idiot. Take them off." Riley said without even glancing at me.

"I am doing my hair! I will not step away to take off my damn heels. Too much work." I know it makes little sense, but I am doing my hair. I must put away my curler, then bend down and take off one heel then, the other, and then I must stand up and start curling again. Too much work. I would rather bitch about it.

"Oh, for fuck's sake!" Dani came over and bent down next to me.

"Lift your feet." I slowly raised my feet to not lose my balance and fall down face first.

She unbuckled my heels one by one and kept them aside for me to wear later.

"There, done." She said dusting her hands and standing up.

"You are an angel," I smiled at her graciously in the mirror.

"I fucking know." She sassed me.

To be fair, she was wearing jeans, and I was in a dress, but I am still very grateful.

Later, we all stood in my room in front of my full-length mirror, checking ourselves out. Riley was looking so gorgeous in her candy pink dress and straightened black hair. I was wearing a sleeveless red dress, the straps of my dress were barely visible. Danielle went for a more badass vibe. She wore a black lingerie top with black jeans and red heels. Her red lip added so much to her sexy look.

The glam quotient in this room was high.

"Okay, let's go!" Riley hollered.

"Yeah! Let's... Wait! Do we have the address?" Dani asks, looking confused.

"We aren't the only ones going. I am sure many girls from the building are going. We could ask one of them." Riley suggested.

True to Riley's words, we met a group of girls as soon as we stepped out of our dorm. Turns out they were also going to the same party.

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