Chapter 27-sunflower

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The crimson patterned curtains were pulled back from the window. The small rays of light that were hidden behind the gray clouds crept through into the dormitory.

"Lee, it's your turn to wake up Fred. Better do it now before it gets any later since it's the first day back", suggested George while brushing his teeth outside of the bathroom.

Lee nodded. He put his arms through his school robes and strolled over to Fred's bed.

Fred laid sprawled out across his mattress with his hair going in all different directions and being in only a pair of hot pink boxers.

Lee stared down at him then looked back to George with a laugh, "What's he going through?"

George shook his head and turned into the bathroom to spit.

"Probably something with Emberlynn again", shrugged Kenneth.

Lee lifted his eyebrows not surprised, "Isn't it always?"

George wiped his mouth and leaned against the doorway, "Her memory's gone", he said staring at his brother.

"What do you mean it's gone?", gasped Kenneth.

"I don't really know. The other day something happened between Emberlynn and him, an argument I think. Things got heated and she blacked out or something and woke up with no memory of anything"

Lee's mouth hung open, "How the fuck does that happen . . ."

"No idea but Fred's a little fucked up", muttered George.

"Clearly", said Kenneth while slipping on his shoes.

Lee slowly turned his head to look at Fred and scrunched his nose, "Should I even wake him?"

George smacked his lips, "He'll be fine. Wake him already. Class is in 32 minutes and he'll be upset if Ron ate all the good muffins"

Kenneth and George sat back and grinned happily to be only observing and not doing the waking of Frederick Weasley.

Lee pushed his hand against Fred's shoulder but he wasn't phased the slightest.

"You're gonna have to do better than that mate", laughed Kenneth.

"Fuck off", muttered Lee. He looked around Fred's bedside table for something useful and noticed a half glass of water. Perfect. Lee picked up the glass and didn't hesitate before he poured out the water all over Fred's face.

Fred instantly awoke in a panic state and looked lost but fuming at the same time while also being somewhat blinded by the water in his eyes. "Who ever did that deserves the killing curse!"

Lee's eyes widened in horror. He hurriedly grabbed his book bag off of his bed and raced out the door and down the stairs before Fred could manage to open his eyes.

George and Kenneth were too busy laughing their asses off to notice that Fred simply rolled his eyes, grabbed his comforter, pulled it up over his head and laid back down onto his soaking pillowcase.

"M-my stomach . . . I c-cant breathee", laughed George. "H-his face!", cackled Kenneth which made them laugh even louder.

"Can you both shut up so I can continue sleeping!", yelled Fred from under his blanket.

"Ahh", George sighed looking up.

"Did he really just lay back down?", questioned Kenneth while finished up his laughing fit.

George rubbed the back of his neck, "That upset are you Freddie?"

Fred threw his blankets to the side and stormed into the bathroom and locked the door behind him, "I'm fine"

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