Chapter-3| In Red

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I am dying

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I am dying.

Coach makes sure that we burn all the calories that we put on during the offseason. He is going to fucking kill us one day.

It was the first practice of the season, and it was also my last season as a college player. It was bittersweet. I am definitely going to miss this, but I couldn't wait to go out and make a name for myself in the NBA.

NBA is everything and the only thing that I've dreamt of and thought of for as long as I can remember. I was eight when my dad took me to watch my first live NBA match, and ever since it has been my goal to be the guy playing out there. Not just one of them, but the best.

I have done everything in my power to make my dream come true. From rigorous training to discipline both off and on the court, I've done it all.

"I can't believe such a short and stumpy guy can make us shiver in fear." Noah grumbled in disbelief when he reached me.

We were currently running laps on the field, sweating like pigs.

"I can see you running out of breath, Reid. Push harder." Coach Reynolds roared from the sidelines.

"Yes, coach." Noah, being the stupid fuck that he is, yelled back.

"Don't yell you, idiot. You'll lose more breath." I mumbled.

"What even is the point of this drill?" He asked incredulously.

The coach had this drill where he would make the fastest runner on the team run laps, and the rest of us are to keep up with him. We can't stop until all of us are in line with him and the main drill starts after forty laps, so it's pretty difficult.

"Apparently, it makes you a better runner and boosts your stamina." Mason grumbled from the other side.

"Well, I have great stamina. You could ask the girl who spent the night in my bed." Noah smirked.

"I heard you, Reid. Ten extra laps for you." Coach ordered.

"How the hell did he even hear that?"

"He's coach Reynolds." Mason and I said in unison.

After an hour more of practice and more grueling drills, I was standing with my hands on my knees to breathe better.

I looked sideways to see almost everyone in the same position except for Noah, who was lying starfish on the ground.

"Get your ass off the ground, Noah." The coach said without even looking at him.

"Okay so.." the coach started once we all were standing in front of him.

"This was your first practice of the season. We have won the last three championships and I aim to make it four this year. If anyone creates a problem with that, they would be off the team before you can blink." He gave the stern eyes, looking each one of us in the eye.

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