Chapter 28-friends

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Fred patted the soil down under the sunflower making sure it was all good then stood to his feet. He stared down at it for a few seconds before brushing off some of the sadness and walking to his first class of the day.

Ember watched as the red-headed boy walked away leaving the sunflower to grow. She had wanted to say something—to speak up and ask why he was putting it there but a gut feeling told her it wasn't the right time.

She ran over to the sunflower that came up to her waist and sat down on the ground to admire its beauty. Her fingers trailed up the stem and gracefully touched the delicate petals.


The sudden voice sort of frightened her but she slowly turned around and seen a tall red-headed boy smiling down at her.

"Oh I'm sorry! I didn't mean to disturb your flower. It's just that they're my favorite and I couldn't resist but to admire it", she apologized.

"It's not my sunflower Em", said George.

Ember turned to look at the flower to make sure it was really there and she wasn't hallucinating, "Wait . . . you didn't put this here? But I swear I seen you. Not that I was spying on you or anything I just-"

George laughed, "No, that wasn't me"

She smiled, "If it wasn't you, then who was it? Because from that angle it looked exactly like you"

George raised his eyebrows, "It was probably just some random guy that looks similar to me or something"

Ember furrowed her eyebrows, "Don't you have a twin though? That was you I'm sure of it. Because he chased me through the hall"

George licked his lips, "Yeah I do. I'm the nice twin", he smiled.

"And your brother is what type of twin?", she asked.

George shrugged not wanting to share too much information about his brother, "Oh just a bunch of things"

"Your name is George isn't it?", asked Ember trying to confirm her small memory she had of him.

He nodded, "That'd be me"

"And your brothers name?"

George flared his nostrils feeling slightly defeated, "Fred. His name is Fred"

Ember grinned lightly, "I thought so. And you already know who I am I'm guessing"

"Yes I do. We were great friends"

"Are great friends. I'm sure I'll remember everything soon", said Ember fiddling her thumbs.

George laughed, "Knowing you I'm sure you will"

"I'd love to hear more about . . . well everything!", said Ember cheekily.

"And I'd love to tell you more, but unfortunately I have class to get to. I'll see you later, yeah?"

Ember nodded, "Yes of course! I should probably get back to the Hospital wing anyway"

As George walked away he stopped and turned around halfway, "Hey Ember?"

Ember spun around on the stone path and looked over towards his direction.

"Are you going to be attending your classes soon?"

"Well at the rate I'm going with remembering all the spells and potions, hopefully in the next couple of days!", piped Ember.

George nodded happily and continued walking towards his first lesson which he would definitely receive detention for being late.

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