Chapter Thirty-One

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__Author's POV__

It's been 3pm already. Zhan's classes are finished now, he is waiting for Yibo, in front of the gate. After sometime, Yibo came with his car and stopped in front of Zhan.

"Get in." Yibo said.

Zhan smiled and got in the car.

"How was your class?" Yibo asked, while driving.

"Good. Everyone is nice in class. By the way, Ms. Mianmian didn't take class today." Zhan said.

"Mnn.. she has class twice a week in 3rd year. Tomorrow she will." Yibo replied.

"Ohh... Okay." Zhan said

"By the way, can I ask something? " Yibo asked, looking straight down the street.

"Mnn. Go ahead." Zhan replied.

"Is there anything going between you and Mianmian? It's the second time, when I saw you totally changed in front of Mianmian. What's going on?" Yibo asked.

"Hahaha..." Zhan laughed nervously. He doesn't know what to answer. Because, of course, he can't tell him the truth.

"I don't think, I have said something which made you laugh? What's going on, Zhan? Tell me the truth." Yibo asked in a serious tone.

"Let me think, what to answer." Zhan mumbled.

"What? Did you say something?" Yibo asked.

"Ahh..? Nah.." Zhan replied.

"Then can I have my answer now?" Yibo asked.

"Mnnn.. actually nothing is going between us. It's just, I just wanted to show your colleagues how much we love each other and we are happy in our marriage." Zhan said, hoping Yibo would trust.

"Really? Zhan, are you saying the truth?" Yibo asked.

"Of course. I'm telling the truth. Yibo don't you trust me?" Zhan asked with puppy eyes.

"No, I don't trust you in this kind of matters. Still now, you didn't say me a single truth. You always lied to me." Yibo replied.

"Ughh!!" Zhan sighed.

"I'm sure there is something, Zhan hiding from me. I'm not feeling good about it. I think I need to keep an eye on these two. Now, what's the thing I'm up to from a math professor I'm going to be a detective. Fuck life." Yibo thought in his mind.

All of sudden a silence fell all over the car.
"I don't like this silence. It's just making the situation worse. He won't talk to me first. So, I have to ask something but what? What?!! " Zhan thought in his mind. When an idea popped up in his head and breaking the silence he asked, "Yibo, Jin Young is coming today with Jacky. Do you remember?"

"Mnnn." Yibo replied.

"What's this mnn.. I hate is fucking mnn.. Is he angry with me?" Zhan thought to himself looking at Yibo.

"You promised me to buy a new number. Do you remember?" Zhan asked again, expecting Yibo will say something.

"Mnnn." Yibo replied.

"What's wrong with you? Why are you just doing mnn mnn... Talk to me nah??! " Zhan shouted.

Yibo stopped the car aside and said, "What? What is it? Why do you want me to talk?"

" Nothing.. I was just bored." Zhan replied stammering. He was shocked by Yibo's sudden reaction.

"Xiao Zhan, why are you like this? Why are you keep telling me lies? Why?" Yibo asked

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