Chapter seven

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Daniel POV

I know what happened in that night shouldn't have happened. The thing that happened to us should not happened.


That's always and keep running on my damn mind.

But you know what's really not happened?

The fact how mistreated her after what happened between us. I am such a jerk. My parents taught me better than doing that. I should have not say anything to her like that. I am fucking pathetic useless jerk.

Every damn time , the memories of that night flashed before me. All I can do is to regret what I said to her. She doesn't deserve to be left out and treated like that.


I am the first guy ever touches her.

First guy made love to her.

I should reward myself for being the most idiot and jerk guy in world.

Right after I left the hotel room. I went to my parents house and went straight to the gym. Yes! I work out. To bent out my anger, my frustration and regret I had felt that day.

Everything I done was wrong!

But I can't take it back right?

Even so, I don't know how to take it or will she let me take it back. One thing for sure that woman would hate me twice times more than she hate me before. Though I could only care less but the fact that I mistreated her that day it's disturbing to me.

"What???" I barked as I feel footsteps coming.

"Oh bro! Relax.. it's just me!" Emman said as he walked inside my room.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him calmly this time.

"I went to office this morning and I have something to discuss to you. Turn out you are not there! So I went here instead!" He said then sat in my bed. " What's got in to you?" He asked while examine me.

" What are you talking about?" I said scowling at him.

"Don't you dare lying to me?" He said while staring at me closely.

" Nothing! I am just not feeling well this last few days!" I answered not making any eye contact with him.

I mean he's my twin brother. Since time immemorial we had been close, I mean really close. We used to confide each other problems , any kinds including girls. But not so much now, since he got married. I don't want to impose to him especially now he have wife and daughter to take care.

I will be lying right now if I say I am not envious of the kind of life my siblings have now. 

They both have spouses, children of there own that makes a happy family. Where I don't have.

But then again I can't force myself to settle down and married a girl whose willing right?

I want someone I can depend on.

Someone to love and to cherish for the rest of my life.

"Huh? Who are you kidding??? I am not falling for that!" That's a voice of my dear brother bringing me back from my deep thoughts.

" I already told you!"

"Yeah and I saw you both leave together in the anniversary party of Auntie Emma and uncle Xavier" He said while giving me a knowing look.

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't you deny it. I saw both of you" He said to me.

"Fine! Yeah we both leave in the party together!" I said truthfully.

"So???" Giving me pointed look. "What happened next?"

"Urrrrrgggg! I didn't thought you be nosy bro!" I said to him while I got up and walked to my closet.

"Oh come on! Are your two together???" He said while make a playful gestures his two finger together like kissing.

" Hahahaha... Funny!"  I said sarcastically

"Come on bro tell me?" He said while there anticipation in his eyes.

"Nothing happened after that! We just went home that's all!" I decided to tell him lie since I don't want to be center of teasing with my two siblings.

" Hahahaha... As if I believe it!" Giving me sour look.

" Whatever floats your boat bro!" I said to him and I went to bathroom to change.

"Don't forget to bring this files in the office ok? I will go now. Dad might looking for me!" I heard him said and then I can hear his footsteps came out.

I turn on my shower decided to refresh myself. I don't know why but I feel like my heart just shattered. Something is wrong with me.

No matter how many times I repeated myself to tell that she's just like those girls. But I can't seem to stomach the idea. Because I know she's more than that. I know she deserves better than the way I treated her.

Closing my eyes as I feel the droplets of water invaded my whole body. The soothing and relaxing feeling is something I really badly just now.

I just hope that I will not regret nor going to pay for what I did to her. Since as the saying says.

"Karma is a bitch!"

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