Chapter Eight

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One years later...

Daniel POV

I decided to visit my parents today since they been bugging about how busy I am lately and I didn't have time to go home and meet them. You know my parents are always worry wart. Well I love them so much for that.

So here I am sitting in my father's office talking business as always. We need to sort out the deal from Mr. Draco. So that's why we are having this serious conversation then all of the sudden my mom barged in the office, bawling her eyes and my dad automatically stand up at the sight of my mom whose crying her heart out.

"Honey why are you crying?? Did something happened? Who hurt you?" My dad asked my mom as he examine her if she's hurt.

"No one hurt me honey ...but!" She said but cut off by her son again.

"Ok ok relax you need to tell me what happened. I can't help you if you don't tell me!" My dad said trying to coaxed my mom.

"It's Emma!" She did and broke into tears again.

"What happened to Emma? Did Xavier hurt him? Isn't too impossible!" My dad asked in confusion

"She's sad Archer.... She's crying!" She said and cry again.

"Mom please just tell us what really happened to Aunt Emma, so we know what's going on!" I butter in this time. Because I can't take it anymore watching her looking so sad like that.

"Emma she said about Emily!" She said while sniffing.

"Hmmmm!" Both me and my dad nodded at her to continue.

"She said Emily hide secret from her and she already have a baby!"

" A what????" Both me and my dad shocked and said it out loud.

" A baby... She's already have a baby. And she didn't tell anyone about it. She hide it from anyone even her parents. That's that's why she she....!" My mom bawling again.

"So Emma is sad right now since Emily hide very important things to her?" My dad clarify and my mom nodded her head.

"But she's also happy at the same time because she is a grandma now. It's just that she's sad because Emily didn't trust her!" My mom broke into sob again.

"It's ok... What about Xavier?" My dad asked my mom.

"Emma said they will go and get Emily. And pursue her to come home with them!"

"Ok .. we will be there for them. Stop crying now! You know I can't take it when your crying!" My said while she hugged my mom and patted her back.

"I am just happy and can't help but to be sad too. You know how Emma loves to be a grandma and I can pictured her disappointment right now!"

" I know she's like your sister from other mother. I can truly understand your sympathy. Even I am feeling worried to my friend Xavier. So no need to explain honey. I truly understand!" My dad said to him.

After that I didn't heard anything nor can't understand anything at all. I just stood there , rooted in my place.

She's pregnant and have a baby?

I asked my self. I don't know why but I can't feel at ease by the sudden event. I can't explained how it done to me or affected me. There something deep inside me that doesn't set right.

If she's pregnant and have a baby then whose the father? Why does she need to hide it?

Why? She's not that kind of person to be ashamed.

That woman may be irratating and annoying but sure she's proud and always stand for her ground. She won't care anyone says. She's brave and fearless. Hiding is something not her style.

Then all the sudden my dad phone rings and he stood up to answer it.

" Hello!"

"Yes... Ok ok! We will be there. Don't worry!" My dad said over the phone.

After few seconds he hangs up the phone and face us.

" It's Xavier they already done convincing her to come home and plus the baby too. Xavier said Emma is over the moon when Emily agreed to come home!"

My mom face instantly brighten and she even hugged my dad. My mom really loves Aunt Emma so much like her real sister. If she knew what happened between me and Emily, she will be disappointed on me especially after I done to her.

Hearing Emily will come home with a baby makes my heart beat so fast. I don't why but my heart feels it jumped. My emotions where like roller coaster I don't know what to feel anymore.

"I will cook something for dinner!" My said as she broke my thoughts and bring it back.

"How about we go to Xavier house and have our dinner there? I think they needed some support right now!" My dad said.

My mom instantly brighten and obviously happy with the idea.

"Oh honey! No wonder I love you so much! You're such thoughtful and sweet!" My mom and they kissed.

I gagged and tried to look away. Seeing your parents getting mushy right in front of your eyes is something you don't want to see. It's an horrifying sight to see.

"Mom , dad can you please stay it down. I am still here ok??" I said to them while can't help to winced looking at them.

"Son.. I am just showing how much I love your mom!" My dad said to me.

"Yeah yeah.... You been playing that tricks on us dad ever since we are young and caught you together. But I am not kid anymore so please keep it down please!" I said

"One day you will understand me. Even Emman can feel me and Ashton too. !"

"Yeah the three of you are weak and whipped to your wife's!" I said and my dad glared at me.

"Yeah yeah.. someday you will asked me about how to win a woman's heart. I can still remembered how Emman confide to me about his undying love to his love!" My dad said making my mom giggled. .


I feel happy knowing I have such blissful and loving parents but sometimes I can't help to asked myself why am I part of this family again?

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