19: Surprise

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Soyun pov

Right now, i was sitting on my bed lost in my thoughts. I was terrified, scared, sad, angry and everything. Well 1st of all I'm having my mood swings and second this letter. I got a letter with a BLACK rose.

At first i was confused as hell. But when i saw what's inside, it made me scared to my core. I saw a mysterious letter from SOMEONE. And it was like

Lee soyun!
I see! U live with bts now. But sadly, i don't think they accepted u as a sister did they? Hah

I know very well that u know me but there's no need to know me specifically. Just keep it in mind that I'll get u no matter what. U are mine and only mine. I just want u and nothing else. Yes I'm obsessed with u and nothing else in the world can stop me from getting u!

Btw..u r getting sexier day by day babe! ;)

Ur secret admirer

I was scared more than i can imagine. Like...the way it was written, it was surely frightening. It couldn't be a simple stalker. Cuz it's not possible for someone normal to know about bts. And moreover, how did he know that?! How did he get into here?

Millions of questions were roaming on my mind. I thought about the black rose. I searched on my phone what black rose resembles but this only made me more and more scared.

It means Death, hatred, despair, sorrow, mystery, danger, and mostly... obsession! I don't know what to do. I'm just going crazy. I couldn't think of anything else. My mind was totally messed up. Should i tell jin oppa about it?

No i still can't trust him. I have no one- wait! How about Jackson oppa! I know i have to spill it out sooner or later. I have to make up my mind at first. I heard a knock on my door.

I asked looking at the door.
Come for dinner
I heard jimin oppa's cold voice. But his voice made my appetite vanish though i didn't feel like eating before as well. I didn't say something just headed to the downstairs.

I saw jin oppa arranging the dining table. He noticed my presence and looked at me smiling.
Hey strawberry! Come and eat! I made ur favourite soup! It'll feel u better during this time.
He said to me sweetly. But...wait...how did he?
What do mean-
Don't worry taehyung informed me.
He said casually. I face palmed myself and went to the dining table even though i didn't have appetite.

Then it clicked me- i can't eat with them! I lowered my gaze and started to head outside the dining area when i heard a voice.
Where are going yunnie!
I heard jin oppa. I turned towards him and saw EVERYONE looking at me. This made me feel more scared than before and i made my gaze at my feet.

Umm..oppa...I'll eat later. U guys enjoy.
With that,i left without giving him another chance to speak. I made my way to the garden. I sat on the grass looking at the night sky. This always calms me down. Also, reminds me of minhyuk oppa.

Soon, i started sobbing keeping my head on my knees. I was really feeling very bad. I need a shoulder to cry right now. A hug that can comfort me. An embrace that can protect me from the upcoming disaster. I knew something is definitely upto which i can't even imagine. I felt goosebumps all over my body thinking of the letter earlier.

I forgot about the time. When i came back to my senses, it was 9:00. Shit. I cursed under my breath and stood up cleaning of the dusts from me. I wiped touched my cheeks and felt dried tears there. I sighed and went to the area where some water is kept outside. I washed my face with that and took a deep breath.

I was praying that i don't get caught by jin oppa. He will insist me to have dinner which i CAN'T resist even if i don't have any appetite. I tiptoed towards my room and quietly went in. The lights were off and i took a deep breath before turning it on. I don't want anything to happen this time like before. But.....

There WAS something!


Making my eyes wide like a ball

And it was.......

It was literally bigger than me! My jaws dropped the ground and i was

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It was literally bigger than me! My jaws dropped the ground and i was...jungshooked! I forgot about everything and rushed towards the plush. I like plush very much and it was like a giant! I picked up the doll with my two hands and started spinning it.

I saw a message sticking on it FOR YOU. I didn't pay much attention who gave it to me. My main focus was on it. I rushed towards the downstairs screaming.
I fell on the ground and looked up to see jhope oppa looking at me weirdly.

U got what?
I git up from the ground hurriedly and hud my face with the doll.
Wait! Where did u get it!
He asked me confused.
I-i saw it on my bed written FOR YOU
I said in a low voice.

3rd person pov

After the dinner, jungkook went to his room and brought the plush he brought for soyun. Yes it was him and it was the surprise he was talking about. He smiled about imagining how she would react. He had full faith that she will like this. No girl can resist this!

He quietly went to her room without anyone's attention and kept this on her bed. He waited for soyun coming here and see her reaction. He was in his room when he heard a scream making him smile like a bunny.


He giggled hearing this and went out to see the scene. He peaked through his door and tried his best not to burst out laughing. He saw jhope standing in front of soyun looking all confused and soyun hiding her red face.

Meanwhile, jhope was all confused. When he saw soyun like that state, it made him awe internally. All other members came rushed out hearing her craziness.

You WHAT!!!?!?!??!
They all screamed in unison making soyun embarrassed than before.
Make it clear yunnie-ah
Jin said sweetly.
A-actually...i meant by this..
She showed them the plush. Everyone looked at each other for a moment then bursted out laughing.

Soyun looked at her brothers who seems cold all the times laughing their heart out. She looked at them in surprise and awe. Is that a happy moment? She thought.

End of chapter 18
Was that interesting? Well i see...all u thought it was sehun haha. So i thought why not making u shocked and totally unexpected.

Btw..who do u think the letter sent? Was it sehun or a new character? Just wait for it baby!

And 6k+! I'm literally jumping. Now i can dream that it will reach 10k or 20k or more than that!!


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