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A week had passed since Klaus returned to Northwich with Freyas grimoire to find the house empty. Anna had left and taken Marcel with her. Freya had been doing non-stop locater spells but had no luck.
"We'll find him Klaus. Don't worry."
"I am worried, Freya! That little liar tricked me. She knew I never trust anyone so she used my own weaknesses against me." There was a small pause of silence before Freya answered him.
"Trust isnt a weakness, Klaus."
"It is in this situation."
"All we need to do is find a way to send her a message. Do you have Marcels blood?" Klaus had taken a vile from Marcels apartment the last time he was there. He took it from a shelf and handed it to Freya. She poured the blood onto an old piece of paper marked with old runes and she started to mutter under her breath in a foreign language. The blood slowly disappeared along with the writing and the paper was left without a stain.
"Is that it? Just speak a bunch of gibberish and its done?" He said after a few seconds.
"After 1000 years of living amongst witches, you sure do know how to treat them. You know that so-called gibberish can melt your stone cold heart?"
"Did the message go through or not?"
"Yes, it did. All we have to do is wait." So thats what they did. After 1000 years, you would think the Mikaelsons would be quite patient. But they weren't. Maybe it was the person they were waiting on that made them angry. Or it could be the fact that they knew Marcel was in the hands of their newly discovered evil sister that obviously didnt have good intentions. They all waited together in the same room, in quiet, until Klaus broke the silence.
"Are you sure the message went through, sister?" Klaus asked Freya.
"Yes Klaus, why can't you just trust me?!"
"Trust hasn't been my strong suit recently."
"Oh my god, Klaus, we've been over this already. Just because you trusted Aliana, doesnt mean you should hate yourself for it. We all wanted a sister."
"Anna." Klaus' siblings looked at him confused.
"What?" Elijah asked him.
"She asked me to call her Anna-anyway it doesn't matter. I let my guard down and the little snake took advantage of that."
"You can't hate yourself for caring for your 15 year old full sister."
"I never cared for her."
"Of course you did." Rebekah piped in.
"No, I didnt. And I never will." Klaus ended the conversation before they all heard a loud noise from downstairs.
"What on earth was that?" Rebekah said as they all rushed out the room and down the stairs. The front door was open and there Marcel stood. Completely alive.
"Freya invite him in!"
"Come in." Marcel walked in and Klaus went to hug him.
"Are you alright? Did she hurt you?" He said as he checked Marcel for any injuries.
"No, she actually healed me." All the Mikaelsons stopped in their tracks and stared at him in awe.
"She what?" Kol finally asked.
"Yeah, when i was hostage, there was a witch who placed some sort of spell on me and Anna removed it. She also healed all my wounds too, one if which had wolf venom in it." The siblings were speechless.
"She.... she helped you?"
"Yeah, and she gave me this to give to you, Freya." He felt around in his jean pocket and took out a slip of folded paper and handed it to Freya. She unwrapped it and gasped.
"What is it?" Elijah asked her.
"It's that page with the spell on it that I needed. The one that can wake Hayley."
"Wait- what happened to Hayley?" Marcel asked.
"Just after you went missing, Hayley got hexed by one of the French Quarter witches so we had to put her under a sleeping spell. But after I had done it, I couldn't find the right spell to wake her." She looked back down at the paper.
"Freya, whats that? On the other side?" Rebekah pointed underneath the paper. Freya turned it round and revealed a note on the clean side.
«Thought you might need this. -A »

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