Chapter ten

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Daniel POV

I was in my office when my phone rings. I groaned as I picked it and my brother name flashed on the screen.

"What bro?" I greeted him.

"You need to come here!"


"Just be here. Once you will see her you will know why!" My brother Emman said making me confused m

"See her?" I asked him in confusion "who??"

"Emily's daughter!"

"Huh? What about her?" I more confused than I am before.

"Just get your butt in here so you will see. It's up to you to decide anyway. It's not my business!" He said and he hungs up.

What the hell??

I grip on my phone..

How can he hangs up like that to me? Emily's daughter? Why?

I mean my mom keeps bugging me non stop to stop by. Ever since Emily comes homes my mom always stay in Aunt Emma house and spend there dinner. I mean I know how she loves her best friend and it's Aunt Emma first grandchild so I think she wants to support her.

But what confused me is what my brother said awhile ago? Do I need to go there?

I mean am I ready to face her again.? After what happened between us? Will it be awkward? Will she hate me there?


Who am I lying of course she doesn't like my presence there. I should not go there.

I sat again and begin to start doing my work. But what Emman said to me back there in phone makes me frown.

Emily's daughter?

Should I go?


Should I not?

I choose the first one option. I pick up my car keys and went down to the parking area. After few minutes I fimd myself driving back to my parents house since they are neighbor.

When I reached my parents house, as expected there's no one in there. The helper said all of them are in Aunt Emma's house which just beside our house.

I get inside my room, wash and change. I need to refresh and ready myself. It's the first time for one year that we are going to meet again. Yeah one year since that night happened.

After that I went to Auntie Emma house which only besides us, so I just walked to reach there.

As I come near I can hear my mom's voice. I inhale and let out a big sigh as I approached the entrance door.

As I enter the house, I can smell the fresh baked cookies. Yup! For sure my mom baked it since her favorite dessert of all time. Then I saw Emily talking to Natalie animeticaly just then she turn and saw me.

I swear her eyes, I can see confusion and then angry flash in this two eyes of her. She looked away and that's how my eyes landed on the baby she's holding. When the baby look at my direction, I feel like something strong power that hit me. I stay there rooted in my place.

I am well aware my dad's approaching me. But my eyes can't seem to tear off from the baby, Emily's baby. Something unknown power pulls me to her, I can feel my blood raising and unexplainable emotions rise in me.

" Thank goodness your here!" My dad patted my back. I just nodded at him in response.

"You ok?" He asked again as I didn't utter any words.

I blinked my eyes a few times and finally I decided to tear off my eyes to the baby. I focus my attention to my dad and smiled at him.

"Yup I'm ok!"

After talking I walked to where my brother sitted. He looks at me , more in stared at me as I took a sit beside him.

" I will not ask you if your ok. Cause I feel your not! And I know it's about the baby right." He said and whispered to me.

"Baby??!" I looked at him innocently and confused.

"Don't give me that look! You are my twin brother. And I know you know what you saw in the baby. She have same features just like you. Good thing mom, dad or even auntie Emma or uncle Xavier didn't say about this or noticed. But me? Nah... You are my twin brother I definitely know you just as you know me!" He said to me softly and I can't help but to nod.

"I need to talk to her" I found myself said that.

"I don't know what happened between the two of you. But I really think you need to talk!" He said to me and I can't help but to agree.

Just as the dinner started I can't help but to stared at Emily. She just came from her room feeding the baby. The baby giggled in her arms making my heart soared high and beating so wild. I can't help but to stared at the baby whose smiling at her mother.

My hands and arms are itching to hold her. The way she giggled, smiled I really don't know how to stop myself. Good thing there's my brother who keeps patting me making me calm.

We walked to the dinning room. And began to take a sit. I choose to sit across her. Why? I want her to look at me. Because ever since I got her she's been avoiding my gaze. She never looked at me.

I can't help myself to ask. Am I look weird? I mean she won't look at me.

During the dinner , all the keep talking while I just nod here and there listening to them. But truthfully I can't help my eyes to follow her every moves. I stared at her like idiot wanting her attention.

After that dinner I saw her humming so sweetly to the baby. I think she's making her sleep. I looked at to everyone whose busy at the moment. I think it's about time I approached her.

I went to her room , yup don't asked me why I know her room. All I know I know where it's located ok? Deal with it.

I knocked the door and a soft voice I know which came from her answered me. " Come in!"

I took a deep breath and exhale loudly.

It's now or never! I said to myself.

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