Chapter twelve

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Emily POV

I think I almost have an heart attack as I saw the sight of Daniel walked inside my room.

What is he doing in here? I asked myself.

He stopped right in front me and took a glance of Emerald whose sleeping peacefully then he gulped and turn to me again.

"What are you doing here!" Finally I found my courage to speak to him.

"We need to talk!" He said firmly

"We are talking!" I said giving him a point look.

"What happened after that night Emily??" He said while I look up to him confused.

"Huh?" I asked him confused

"That night we spend together. What happened next??" He asked me while staring straight to me

I let out a fake laugh and look at to him.

"Seriously you are asking me that? I thought you don't want to talk about it?" I told him boldly.

"I am here to talk about it. Just give me an answer!" He said while I see the look of confusion and so much question in his eyes.

"Daniel after that I went to work that's all;" I said as I shrugged giving him the most obvious answer he needed.

" That's not what I mean Emily. You know it!" He said as he ran his fingers to his hair.

"What are you talking about? Get to the point well you?" I said as I feel my little patience growing little by little as I keep talking to him.

"Is she mine?"

My eyes went wide, and I can feel my jaw almost hit the floor but thankfully I found my compose later and I look at him like his gone crazy.

"Seriously are your crazy?" I asked him like it's ridiculous thing he ever said.

"I am not! Tell me the truth. Is she mine?" He said while I saw a different emotions in his face that I cannot explained.

"No!" I answered him flatly.

He look at me like his in the verge of tears.

What goes to this man head? Did he hit his head hard somewhere? He must have gone crazy.

"Emily look at me! Please tell me is she mine? Please?" He said while I see tears forming at the side of his eyes planning to come out.

"I don't know what are you talking Daniel. But I already answered you that. She is not yours!"

"Then why she looks like me? Explain to me?"


"Emily I am not blind. I know when I saw what's mine. She looks exactly just like me minus the hair. But almost her features is mine. The green eyes that mine!" He said while he let out his tears.

"I don't know what you talking about. Can you just leave I don't want to disturb my daughter sleep!" I said trying to make him leave.

"No! Answer me honestly first!"

"I told you already. She not your daughter!"

"Then I demand a paternity test! She's not mine right?" He said with a threatening look.

"Are you out of your stupid mind? Why would I agree to that! You are not her father and she's not yours!" I said firmly.

But honestly I don't know how did I get such a courage to pull off this. Standing here with him debating the things I been avoiding ever since the beginning is something I am very afraid to happen.

He then hold each of arms caging me in the process. I look at him confused and about to swatted his hold.

"Emily please ... I am begging you! Tell me the truth! Please ... !" He said while he leaned down to me and put his head in my shoulder.

This time I am beyond shocked. Why? This is the first time I saw this guy ever so vulnerable and helpless. What happened to him?

I shake him off and made a determination look. I already told myself couple of time to never let this guy or remind myself not to fall from his trap and remembered the things he said back there.

"Can you please get out! I told you your not her father!"

"She's mine! I knew it!" He told me gulping and I saw how his hands tremble.


"I will demand paternity test and if it's shows positive and she's mine I am going to sue you!" He said making me raised my brows on him.

"What the hell? Your pulling that card on me? How dare you?? It's you on the first place who said to forget everything. It's you who said not to bother you, it's you who said that night was a mistake and now you want to pull that trick on me? How dare you!" I said spatted at him. I don't care if my parents knows now. He started it naywy.

"Is she mine Emily!" He said

"She's yours!" I said.

My eyes went wide and he hugged me suddenly. He cried into me while I stay rooted and didn't move.

What the fuck I am doing? I said to myself and pushed him very hard making him stumbled backwards.

"She's mine!!! Finally I have a family!" He said while he looks at me expectantly. He looks up to me and hold my hand. " Can we work this out?? Please... I know I am jerk...!"

I cut him off as I shake my hands away from him. What does he think he doing? I am giving him a chance? Not a damn chance.

"No we can't work things out between us. However we can share rights to the baby since your her father!"

"No... How about us? We can work this out right? I mean I don't girlfriend you don't have boyfriend right? " He said talking some shit while I don't give a damn.

"I am not giving us a chance!"

"We can be friends at first!" He said giving me a pleading look.

"You can play and talked to my daughter but not me. We can't be friends!"

"Emily, I am asking just be friends for now! I swear I won't take advantage. I will wait for you!"

"I don't and I will not! Take it or leave it!" I said in finality.

"Your so cruel!"

"I am not!"


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