Chapter 21

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It had been almost an hour since you and Hoseok had breakfast together. You were bored out of your mind and had been lying on the sofa, patiently waiting for the other males to arrive. It had been a long time; you wonder if they were okay or not...That's when an idea pops into your head: You had always wanted to watch a movie with them but had never got the nerve to actually ask them about it. Being bored and having no important business, Hoseok would obviously say yes- right? Well, it's about time you asked.

You hopped up from the midnight-colored sofa, and head towards the brunette's room. Its situated not so far from the living area, which makes it all the more easier to drag your lazy butt to ask him. Upon reaching it, you notice the bedroom door wide open. Therefore, entered without knocking. That's when you realize you had made one, big, fat mistake. A shirtless Hoseok stood near his maroon closet, seemingly searching for a tee or a shirt. You couldn't help but gawk at his slender waist, tanned skin and well-defined muscles which just makes you wanna drool. You hadn't realized how he'd come closer, but that smirk playing across his lips was so- mischievous. A small snicker passes his lips as he grabs your chin gently and force it shut, "Stop gawking at me like that; I know I'm pretty." He whispers into your ear, a matter-of-factly. You stare at him with intense admiration, whilst he smiles back sweetly. He was just about to leave you and continue his quest for a top, but you tug on his arm and he abruptly stops and turns his head around as his gaze falls upon my arm holding his, and me finally noticing; lets him go, making his hand drop limply along my side. "Um, sorry..." You say, rubbing you neck awkwardly, "...I was wandering if we could- somehow- if it's possible-"

He lets out a slight chuckle, "Woah, slow down. What is it?" You fiddle with your fingers; unsure whether you should ask him. "Could we watch a movie?" You spit out in one breath. You avoided his eyes as you knew it would be really awkward if he rejected you. You have to admit, he always bends your expectations. "Sure. Let me get a top on first you want me to join you as I am?" He asks you, cockily, knowing what your reaction would be. As expected, a blush creeped up to your cheek, staining it. "No, I think you better wear one." You voice out and quickly dash out of his room. From afar you could hear his whole-hearted laughter echoing throughout. Okay, that worked. Now, let's get into real business.


"No! I want this one!"

"Nuh-uh, I wanna watch this!"

"Ugh, just do whatever you want."



You huff in annoyance. We've wasted almost half an hour just to pick a freaking movie to watch. You wanted to watch horror, whereas Hoseok, romance. Romance was your least favourite, because sometimes it could be cringy and cheesy to watch. But Hoseok over here, just doesn't want to give in.

"Fine." You reply, grumpily, "What do you want to watch?" He seemed to think of a movie he wanted to watch. "Hm, what do you think about Fifty Shades of Grey?" You thought for a moment. What is that movie? I've never heard of it. Is it like- new?

"Is it new? I haven't heard of it before; is it a horror or thriller?" You question him, in a dilemma as to what his story is about. He looks at you with a 'The fuck?' expression, whilst I stare back at him dumbfounded. Is the movie even popular?

"Y/N, you're telling me you don't know about the famous Fifty Shades of Grey?" He asks me, flabbergasted. You shrug. Of course, you didn't know about it, you rarely even had the chance to watch a movie since you came here.

"Okay. Fifty Shades of Grey it is." He concludes, leaving me no room to argue. You were curious too. If it was a popular movie, how haven't you even heard or read it somewhere? After Hoseok had set-up the movie from his computer, we sat beside each other, ready to watch. He clicks on the play icon, and the movie begins.

It was not that bad...or so you thought. Halfway through the movie-hm, how could you express this? You were feeling utterly exasperated for even agreeing to watch it; and with him, you know? You were having mixed emotions: anger, butterflies, over ration and just- disgusted. You stare at couple in the movie make out with each other. And now you knew exactly why you haven't heard about the movie before; because its literally- and I mean, literally a movie about sex. You, being the innocent girl that you are, (not that innocent, now, though) have never dared to watch these types of movies. You would rather watch an animation, than having a war with your hormones.

The make-out session in the movie was escalating way to fast, and you didn't want to continue watching. You were too shy to voice out, therefore, kept your mouth sealed shut. Thankfully, you and Hoseok had moved to the two ends of the sofa; but that doesn't stop you from shifting uncomfortably. You steal quick glances from Hoseok, who seems to be miraculously unfazed about the situation. It's as if he knew the scene was supposed to pop up sooner or later. Okay, you have this gut feeling Hoseok had watched this movie before. Although, you didn't dare ask him about it.

You couldn't even keep watching; it was just so...disgusting. You wanted to close your eyes and prevent yourself from watching such sinful acts which was occurring right in front of your eyes. You could hear shuffling beside you; but you didn't want to divert yourself away from the big screen. It was as if a magnet is keeping your eyes glued to the screen.

A sudden weight pushed you down onto the sofa's hand-rest, to meet your gaze with dark brown irises staring into your (E/C) ones.

"There's a reason I chose this movie for" He whispered with a raspy voice, combined with a hint of seductiveness.



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