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This contains slight spoilers for the main archon/story quests from Liyue.
So if u haven't done those and wanna avoid spoilers then please proceed with caution...

You've been warned!🐸


It was the middle of the night, midnight. Childe entered the tavern to come and pick up Zhongli from his day in Mondstadt with Venti, the bard. He had brought Xiao along with him but, it seemed Xiao left earlier, since now it was just Venti, Zhongli, Aether and Paimon.

As Childe walked over to them, Paimon and Aether looked at him relieved, while Venti and Zhongli seemed to be laughing about something.

"Childe! Thank goodness you're here!! These two got piss drunk on dandelion wine! Help!!"

"Oh- It was only for two hours. How much wine did they have?"

"Paimon doesn't remember...Hmm, but either way, they had a lot and they're going really crazy! When we tried to give them water, that tone-deaf bard just spilled the water on Paimon!"

"Hmm...I'll be taking Zhongli with me back to Liyue, you won't have to worry about him...But, the other one-"

"Oh- Are you just going to leave us alone with a drunk bard?"

"Hmm...Yes." Childe said as he walked over to Zhongli, who lifted his head up and recognized Childe.

"Oh...Childe, I need some mora..." He said, while trying his best to keep his eyes open.

"Mhm...Come with me and you'll get your mora, let's go." He grabbed Zhongli by the waist and decided to carry him along the way.

On their way there Zhongli would speak about random stuff that would pop into his mind, he would suddenly get hiccups and feel sleepy.

Once they finally arrived in Liyue, Childe still had an extra mile to walk so he could get to the harbor. So since Zhongli was already half asleep, and Childe himself was also ridiculously tired from carrying Zhongli all the way, he decided to just stay at the Wangshu Inn with him.

He hurried in and talked to the boss, then she quickly set them up with a room for the night. Childe laid Zhongli down on the bed and then threw himself next to him.

The sudden jolt of the bed made Zhongli's eyes spring open. He then sat up and looked at Childe, who seemed to be dozing off. He touched his back and shook him around until he jumped up in surprise.

Childe's sudden reaction made Zhongli also get scared, until he realized Childe had calmed down so he did too...

"Zhongli...I'm sorry, did I wake you up?"

"Hnm...Where are we?"

"Uhm- Wangshu Inn, and it's very late Zhongli, we should both sleep now."

"But, I'm not tired anymore, I never was"

"You slept on the way here- I'm too tired for these games Zhongli..." Childe rubbed his eyes before looking around.

He noticed a glass that seemed to have water in it. He grabbed it and smelled it, it had no smell. It was water, so he gave the glass to Zhongli, who then stared back at the ginger with a confused look...

"Drink it, please?"

"Is it more wine?"

"Yeah sure-" He rubbed his eyes once more and then sighed.

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