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Being in a relationship with Tsukishima had it's ups and downs

It felt special being able to truly understand Tsukishima and it was truly a blessing getting to see Tsukishima open up to me

I loved him for that

But then there were the cons of dating Tsukishima

If Tsukishima ever got mad and needed someone to take his anger out on, it would always be me

If he ever had the slightest problem with something, it would always be my fault

If I ever tried to make him understand and calm down, it just made everything worse

At first I fought back and made him try to understand me, but as the years progressed I soon became quite and gave up on trying, just staying in a toxic relationship

For years I've stayed silent ...

But now he's finally made me snap

All the feelings of anger and frustration are gonna be let out

All I tried to do is finally say something after years like I once used to

And this is how I get repaid


on the ground with a hand mark one me left cheek, still feeling a stinging sensation

" What right do you think you have to slap me? "
I said in a dark tone

Tsukishima stood there with eyes wide from realization of what he did

" B-babe uh-I'm so s-"

" Shut the hell up, I don't want to
hear it, I'm not gonna sit here and take your shit, I grew up to learn that I won't allow anyone to treat me like that "

Tsukishima stood there slightly trembling, but then furrowed his eyebrows looking angered

" Who do you think you are? "

" W-what the hells g-gotten int-"

I said making Tsukishima flinch

" I want you to listen and listen very clearly Tsukishima Kei, we're over and I want you stay out of my life and never contact me again, do I make myself clear? "

" Whatever, you'll come crawling back anyways "

I calmed my self down before I did something I wouldn't want to happen

" Tch, I'll make sure you pay one day Tsukishima, I'll make sure you 𝐑𝐄𝐆𝐑𝐄𝐓 everything "

With that I left the house slamming the door loudly one my way out

I started walking home with my head held high, deciding to not waste a single tear on him

I'll make sure he pays one day

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