20: Trust

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Night time

Jimin pov

Right now, i was laying on my bed full of thoughts. I thought of the earlier incident about soyun. Well about her, she doesn't seem like she is some type of spy or something. She looks innocent which tells me to trust her and give her a chance.

But the pasts still haunts me. I can't forget those 2 dreadful pasts and those don't let me trust people so easily now. Remembering them, tears fell from my eyes unknowingly.


7 years ago

Jimin pov

I heard a cute squealing behind me. And soon, two tiny hands were wrapped around my waist. I instantly understood who it was. I picked her up and pinched her cheeks making her giggle.

How are doing mochi?
I asked her by her nickname. She hugged my neck and kept her head on my shoulders.
Nothing much chimmy oppa!
She said in her cute little voice.
Did u study well?
I asked breaking the hug. She nodded looking at me.

So...what do want to have now princess?
I asked her keeping her on the ground. She made a thoughtful face which was really cute.
Umm...do u want ice cream?
Her face immediately brightened up hearing my words.
Yesh yesss!!

She said jumping like a monkey. She started dragging me towards the ice cream shop. We were eating ice cream peacefully when i heard her brother coming. He smiled at her and picked her up.

What are u doing princess?
He asked his sister.
Eating ice cream with my chimmy oppa!
She said while giggling. But the next thing he said made me very shocked!
Ok princess, now say ur chimmy oppa bye. Cuz we're MOVING.
W-where hyung?
I asked feeling scared. I love her very much. She's my baby sister and i always wished for a sister. I hope they'll not move far away.

Sorry hyung. We're moving from this country.
My heart broke into million pieces hearing his words. Tears started forming in my eyes. Then i looked at my mochi who was looking at me puzzled.
W-why hyung?
I asked whispering.

I'm really sorry hyung. Believe me, you'll know when the right time will come. But for now, forgive me. This is for our own safety.
He told me in hope of reassuring me. But i was not.
A-at least tell me where are u going. E-even u didn't told me my mochi's real name!
I asked him hoping to get the answers.
I'm again sorry hyung. I can't. But one day, you'll know everything.

With that he left with my mochi leaving me broken. This was the last thing he said. After that, i couldn't contact him. Nor my mochi. I didn't know where they were, how they were. I waited for the right time but it never came.

4 years ago

It's been 4 years since they left me. I didn't recover yet. I still miss my baby sis. Even though she wasn't my real sis, i loved her with all my heart. The other members of were also shocked to hear this but they recovered quickly.

Our dad told that he married a women and she has a daughter. We were all overjoyed hearing that we'll get a step sis. But when she came, we didn't like her for her clingy behaviour. Still we loved her as our sister.

But one day, everything vanished. All our happiness was destroyed just for our stupidness. We believed that so called sister of ours and at the end of year, she made our company go down and bankrupt.

We showered her with all love and what we got in return was only betray. Again, i was heartbroken. That bitch used us only. She just tricked us and betrayed us. Now all we have for her is pure hatred.


Those two pasts never let me live peacefully. I was the most close to her. But still, she left me. Why does this always happen to me? But from that day, we made an oath. And that was, we shouldn't trust anyone so easily. No matter what. We all made our mind strong enough not to get distracted and weak by any emotions.

Luckily, after the bankrupt, we covered up by our mafia empire. So the loss was mere. But the scar that was left on our heart was not erasable. We also killed those two betrayers. Still, we can't forget how much we adored her. As our baby sister.

But now the thing is, which we are doing with soyun. Is that right? It's true that we CAN'T trust anyone easily. But she seems all innocent. And if she comes out innocent according to yoongi hyung's research, we surely messed up. She will not forgive us so easily for what we've done to her. She was too much hurt for our deeds. I hope everything will be fine.

??? Pov

I called my buddy for my upcoming plan after doing some tasks.

Hey bro!

???: wassup buddy!

Is everything ready?

???: yea. Everything. Just this will be set on the next week!

Good! Now you'll get ur revenge and...i will get her

I started laughing like a psycho. The person on the other side also started laughing wickedly.

???: hey bro! I have one question.


???: Do u like her?

Haha. Who told u this crazy thing?

???: then?

I just wanna ruin her. Which is also some type of revenge. But i wanna snatch her innocence away. U know what i meaann~~

I again laughed like a maniac.

???: then i will also be able to get a taste of her...

The person other side said smirking.

Yeah. But after me.

I said smirking. Then i disconnected the call and again smirked imagining her crying and begging in front of me.

Wait for me babe. I will ruin u. U will sacrifice ur most precious thing to me.

End of chapter 20

Who do u think those unknown peoples are? Any guess?

And did u liked the...past of bts? I hope so. It's getting clearer day by day and something new is coming up huh?


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