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"Yoongi!" You exclaimed and ran towards Namjoon and Yoongi whose mind was filled with worry and panic as Yoongi felt weak.

Even though you were still astonished by what has occurred, you can just not worry about Yoongi. Who would even slaughter him at this point? That man is so fearless to challenge the Min Yoongi.

"Fuck." That was all the word he blurted out at this moment. "It hurts like hell." He groaned, staying still so he won't be in discomfort.

Namjoon slowly picked Yoongi up, putting his arm around his shoulders for assistance. Jin similarly supported carrying Yoongi to the car they brought.

Meanwhile, the others went to look for the man who shot Yoongi. You were worried like the others since this is the first time you had encountered these types of situations since your father always handles them.

"Taehyung, call our private doctor and tell him we need help," Namjoon commanded as Taehyung nodded before grabbing his phone that was inside his pockets.

He dialed their doctor's number, deliberately growing anxious when the doctor took so long before picking up. While you were surprised, you didn't notice they had a private doctor well now you learned they do.

You glance at Yoongi, your eyes loosening up once you see his bloody and vulnerable form. Jin was warning him to not close his eyes or fall asleep while Namjoon was interrogating if he was okay. You were panicking, you didn't understand how to assist him. This is why your father was very stringent with you.

When the doctor had picked up the call, Taehyung sighed in relaxation that the doctor wasn't occupied to take the attention of his brother.

"I'll be there in 30." The professional enlightened before Taehyung hung up the call, putting his phone back inside his pockets.

Once they were done contacting their special consultant, they immediately ran towards the vehicle and called everyone to go meet them here so they can eventually leave and take care of Yoongi.

You were scared but you followed what they were saying, you got inside the car, back in the passenger seat. You positioned your seatbelt before Jin rumbled the engine.

Eyes widened, panic filling you and your insides shrieking for help. You clasped to your seat tighter when Jin navigates the vehicle more promptly than he commonly would. You assume you're perishing because of how rapidly Jin can maneuver a vehicle.

"Yoongi? Are you good?" Jin asked, eyes still focused on the road but is talking to Yoongi. He was worried about his brother, even if this didn't transpire a long time ago, he was still disturbed when one of his brothers get into danger.

It took a while before the man who was asked responded. "Yeah, I can put up with this." Yoongi impersonated to be powerful by adjusting his sitting posture but going awry when another strike of distress knocks him.

Namjoon wanted to smack Yoongi because of his stubborn actions. Everybody was concerned about him and he'll just impersonate about being okay?

"Yoongi." Namjoon breathes. "Calm down first, we're almost there." He tried to not raise his voice at the stubborn man since he had already been shot and is now bleeding. He's convinced that if they don't get there as soon as possible, Yoongi's damage might be contaminated.

"Who the fuck was that man?" Groaning in pain, Yoongi inquired. "How dare he shoot me, I'll kill him once this stupid metal is out of my body—" He complained similarly when Namjoon couldn't help but to squeeze Yoongi at his waist.

"Stop thinking about killing the man, think about that later. Right now, there's still a bullet inside of you and that's what you're supposed to think about." Namjoon scolded, massaging the bridge of his nose from stress.

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