11. 𝕳𝖎𝖗𝖔

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11 - Problem ᴀ

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11 - Problem ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ

You and Kyo were walking home from school when you saw a little boy sitting on your house step. He had a wallet in his hand with a picture.

"Hiro?" Kyo asked. "What are you doing here?"

"I don't see how that's any of your business. Hold on, are you saying I can't sit here? I need you permission all of a sudden? You must think high of yourself, giving orders like that. Ha! everyone bow down to Kyo." The boy replied.

"Damn all he did was ask a question." You said rolling your eyes.

"Okay kid cut the crap. I don't have to listen to a stupid kid." Kyo said

"Real mature losing your temper to 'some kid'."

"I'm going to punch you into next week!" Kyo put his fist up in the boy's face as he looked away.


We look over to see Tohru panting. " My pocket book...I need-" She said in between breaths.

"What's wrong?" You asked walking over.

She took a couple more breaths before answering me.

"My pocket book. Mom's in there." She points to Hiro.

"Hiro! what did you do to her!?" Kyo yelled.

"It sounds like you're not accusing me without proof. In which case I hope you're ready to make restitution if I'm wrong. All I did was take her pocket book. Big deal."

"The hell do you mean 'all I did?' You can't just take her stuff" You told him.

"So what? Are you going to hit me?"

"I'd love to. Thanks for asking." Before you could hit the child, you felt a tug on your skirt. You turn around to see Kisa looking up at you.

"Before you hurt him, can I talk to him?" She asked. Kisa was too cute for you to say no to.

"You're lucky your girlfriend saved you." You said with an attitude. Without giving him time to say a snarky comment, you grab Kyo's hand and head back to the house.

It was quiet for a while till you spoke up. "You 'know, I saw this recipe online; wanna make it with me?" You look back at Kyo to see him staring at you.

"Sure." He said with a smile. You let out a smile 'yay' As you went inside the house and into the kitchen.

Taking out the needed ingredients, you rolled up your sleeves. Despite the fact Kyo doesn't like being told what to do, he never complained when it came to you. While you were cooking; Kisa, Hiro, and Tohru started watching some cartoons and Hiro took every chance he got to open his mouth about something.

Before you knew it, the food was done. It turned out to be for dinner. Handing out the plates you stood there with a big smile on your face waiting to see if they liked it or not. You looked like a child that just got candy.

"Ok, Ok ,Ok. " You said, finally sitting down. "Soooo how is it?"

"It's good."

"Yum y/n!"


There was silence from the little boy's statement.

"What do you mean 'Eh!?" You asked, looking at Hiro like you wanted to strangle him.

"I mean what I said. Eh" Hiro said, still eating the 'eh' food.

"Hiro, don't be mean." Kisa chimed in.

"Its fine." You said with a sigh staring at the boy. You were staring at him longer than you realized, that he started to tense up under your glare.

You snapped out your thoughts by food being but in front of your face. "Here. Eat." Kyo had the food in his hand looking like he was feeding you. You took a bite from the food while it was still in Kyo's hand, never taking your eyes off the child.

"And stop staring at him."

Without a reply, you look away and continued to eat.

Dinner was done and you just got done cleaning. You didn't see Kyo anywhere so you went to his well known spot.

The roof.

You make your way to the top. He was there; just as you suspected. "Hey." You said sitting next to him. "Thanks for helping me today." All you got was a hum from him. Then the most unexpected thing happened.

He turned around so you two were looking at each other. It felt like it was only you two in the world right now. Not just for you, Kyo too.

He looked at your lips then your face a couple times before he started moving in. Your foreheads were practically touching at this point. You felt his breathing on your face.

"Y/n! Kyo!" Pulling away quickly, You see Tohru on the roof calling y'all.

"Kisa and Hiro are leaving. Kisa wanted a hug bye from y/n!" Tohru yells."

"Ok, coming!" You yelled back, getting up and walking to the girl.

A/N: Double update :0 This was a fun chapter to write. 

But the next is a lil sad lolz

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