The Dream

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       I sighed slowly as I felt a surge of new sensation filling my body. I felt connected to everything in my surrounding. It was as if the ground that I was laying on, the trees, and the water was calling on to me.

       I felt powerful and not the pathetic girl that I actually am. As time went on my body kept on becoming more powerful and power-hungry. It was as if I was sucking every life out of the living things around me. I wasn't sure if I was in heaven or hell since I felt great but at the expense of everything around me.

Panic took over my body as I started seeing the beautiful trees and flowers welting and eventually dying and turning into an ash. The vibrant surrounding I was looking at was slowly losing life as I gained more strength. The light was covering my body, but as the light surrounding my body increased, it became harder for me to control myself.

My body started to slowly levitate in the air and my connection to nature increased as I took away the life of everything around me. With the increase of my connection to it, I felt pained and devastated at not being able to stop what I am doing. I hated what I was doing to nature. I needed to stop myself, but I didn't know how to or what is happening to me or what I am even doing here.

This is not what I imagined my life after death would be like. I might have hated my life but this is worse since I take life away. The death of animals, the trees slowly turning to ashes was making me feel nauseous and I couldn't stop the tears that flowed down my cheek without control as their death felt like a part of me being taken away.

A loud pained shriek left my mouth as the last of the green area that I can see with my eyes got covered with ash and every fiber of my being became aware of the fact that it is hopeless for me to try and stop what is happening. I closed my eyes as the light that was soaring from my body become too bright to try and see even for me. Every part of my body felt like I was being torched and it became hard to even breathe.

I gasped as I felt my body being jerked away from the terrifying nightmare. Sweat was dripping from my forehead as I tried to collect my breath. It was too vivid that I was completely convinced it was real. It took me a while to come to conclusion of where I am. I closed my eyes hoping to stop the throbbing in my eyes and head. After a while, I opened my eyes after hearing the sound of heavy footsteps.

The stench that filled my nostrils made my eyes tear up. I was not dead, I was in prison. A million questions that were flooding my brain and the heavy stench of wolves bane made me feel nauseous.

"I heard you were the only survivor." Said a gruff voice from the prison cell to my right.

"What do you mean?" I asked as I slowly moved closer to his cell to hear him better.

"I heard the guards talking about you." He replied with a silly smile on his face. He was a middle-aged man with a body that looked really weak. He must have been in prison for a long time. His clothes are torn apart in different places and different scars with different stages of healing are visible all over his face and body.

"Everyone that went to hunt you down is dead." He said while laughing as if that was the best news he has heard in all his life.

He wiggled his eyebrows as he said, "I suspect something else other than luck if you ask me." He moved closer to my cell and asked, "Tell me, what is your secret?"

If only he knew how scattered my brain feels at this moment. I felt like a puzzle board that lost most of it's puzzle pieces. Something else other than luck is probably not likely since I can't think of anything else that could have happened. Moon Goddess probably pitied me and used up all my luck to save me this time.

"Did you hear anything about how they died?" I asked reluctantly. My stomach was starting to feel queasy.

"They said the whole cave came down and apparently you were right in the middle, a part where there was an opening." He looked skeptical as he said this.

"So you are saying my last-minute decision to stand in the middle of the cave saved me?" I questioned since I was having a hard time believing what he just told me or the fact that I am actually alive. I slowly crept my hand down and pinched my thighs to make sure this is actually not a dream.

         "This is actually not a dream," I said. I seem to be experiencing a moment of daze since everything is just too much to take in.

         I still can't believe I survived the hunt but now that I am out in the pack prison my future sure doesn't look bright. How long will I be able to preserve my life after all the torcher they will gladly be implementing on me.

         "It is hard for you to believe that is actually what happened as well, right?" The prisoner now looked more convinced about his theory of something else actually happening.

With every second passing, it is as if the validity of whatever the conclusion he came up with is actually being confirmed. His eyes started to look crazed which would have been terrifying if not for the iron bar coated with silver that is separating us.

Once he saw the look in my eyes he looked a bit offended. I guess my eyes and facial expressions deceived me and revealed what I was actually thinking. I gave him a small apologetic smile since I didn't know what to do.

          "I think there is something special about you." He stated confidently.

          A snort left my mouth unexpectedly. If only what he is saying was true. How great would it have been if I actually possessed a great power to keep myself safe? I don't even know how I am lucky enough to be alive since I have always been the unlucky one.

            I remembered the dream that I just woke up from. The power that I felt surging through my vein was impeccable. If only I had that type of power I wouldn't have to live being scared. I would be out searching for my dad. He must also be scared living outside as a fugitive.

            "Why are you here?" I asked with hesitation.

             "I saw something I shouldn't have. The delicate alpha is too worried about his image and doesn't want anybody to ruin it."

             "What do you mean?" I was confused. I am sure people don't end up in prison just because they saw something they were not supposed to. Or at least that is what I used to think.

             "I saw him rape and kill one of my rouge friends. We didn't even trespass into the territory. He came out to hunt us. You know the rule he may be allowed to kill us if we are in his territory but outside his territory and he even dared to rape a mated she-wolf." His anger as he spoke was apparent. My heart broke for the girl.

           I can't believe I followed someone like that as an Alpha. He is a monster. How could he do that? Questions were swerving inside my brain non-stop.

           "Did you let anybody know about this?" I am already scared of the world we live in but now the fear has gone up a scale.

           "Nobody cared. But he made sure to bring me back so he can torcher me whenever he is bored. It is not like anybody will trust me too." He finished tears escaping from his eyes.

         I dried my own tears as I tried to control my anger.

          "I trust you," I said looking into his eyes. He gave a small smile in response.

           Heavy footsteps of different people made their way towards our cells. I retreated to a corner when I saw the Alpha King, Alpha, and the other people with them.

          My heart was beating too fast. Talking about the devil and he is actually here. I don't know why they won't leave me alone.

          "Are you willing to tell us what happened?" Came Alpha Stephan's question. He didn't wait for my answer as he added, "I will think carefully before I answer if I were you." He smiled a creepy smile that promised cruel things. His threats and smile were enough to make me have an urge to pee.

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