Chapter 2

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"report to you stations immediately, this is not a drill, we are under attack

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"report to you stations immediately, this is not a drill, we are under attack ."

The robotic voice echoed repeatedly in Katia's ears as she turned to her siblings and followed them and Strucker out of the door.

The three enhanced stood in the dark hallway while Strucker marches up to the scientist they enhanced know as Dr List.

"We are on the verge of our greatest breakthrough." Strucker stared harshly at the scientist.

"Then let's show them what we've accomplished, send out the Maximoffs." The scientist was determined, he wanted to show off his greatest accomplishment.

"It's too soon." Strucker's comment made Katia furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. She knew they were ready to face the attackers.

"Thats what they signed up for."

The three didn't care to listen any more. Pietro gestured to Katia to grab on to his back as he lifted Wanda before speeding out of the room unnoticed.

"The kids." Dr list turned to look at Strucker

"They are not ready for-"

"No no no. I mean," he turned to look at the empty archway where the Maximoffs once stood, "the kids."


Pietro ran the three of them outside in a blue blur before stopping and letting them go outside the base. He sped off into the woods while the sisters waited for any avengers to get closer to attack.

"Wanda, I can hear their thoughts, the avengers, one of them has made it inside, go get them. I'll stay and cause a diversion."

'Ok but Kati, be careful. Don't go getting yourself hurt." Wanda looked worryingly at her younger sister who was already moving the falling snow in a circular motion, worsening the blizzard. The older sister headed towards where she could hear Strucker and an American talking.

Katia did what she said she was going to do. She created a diversion, a spinning vortex of snow. She directed large gusts of wind towards a man with shoulder length blonde hair pushing him off of a watch point. He fell hard before looking up seeing the enhanced directing ice shards his way. He threw his large hammer in her direction aiming to knock her out not expecting hat happened next.

Katia stood with her hand out concentrating light energy out as a shield stopping the hammer in mid air. Her eyes glowed a bright white along with her hands and the area around the hammer. She pushed her light shield out forcing the hammer back in the opponents direction. It hit his abdomen catching him by surprise. Katia kept her eyes locked on him not noticing a red headed woman kneeling down by a wounded man also staring in shock.

"Impossible." The blonde stood gripping his hammer stunned at this child.

"Hey Cap there's a third enhanced, she's strong." The redhead spoke into a com device located in her ear without taking her eyes off of the girl.

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