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  Week four, Day one.

I woke up and was immediately met with a camera. "Good morning." I smiled to the camera then the cameraman lowered the camera down to Niall's bunk.

"Week four, baby!" Niall shouted. I got out of bed and I noticed that Niall and I were the only ones in the room.

"Where did everyone else go?" I asked Niall as he stood up from his bunk. He grabbed his shirt that was hanging off the ladder and put it on since he was shirtless.

"Um I don't know, I was asleep." He said, "They are probably just downstairs, eating." He threw his arm over my shoulder and we walked out the bedroom door. As we were walking down the steps, he put both his hands on my shoulders and walked down behind me.

We made it to the kitchen but didn't see the boys, but then I saw Harry run across the backyard. So Niall and I walked out onto the deck and saw the four boys all shirtless and playing football.

"Good morning boys!" I shouted from the deck, watching the boys all stop and turn to look at me. They all waved and I looked over at Niall to see him taking off his shirt and running down the steps to the grass. How the hell aren't they cold? I'm only in pajama pants and a shirt and i'm freezing while they are all shirtless and Harry and Louis are even in shorts. It's mid-November how they hell aren't they cold.

"Cmon Jor!" Louis shouted up to me. I threw my head back and sighed before running down to the field with the boys.

"Since everyone has their shirts off, I say it's only fair you take yours off too." Harry stated.

"You're funny." I say sarcastically then I took the ball that he had in front of him and kicked into the goal. It really wasn't a goal, it was the boys shirts, one on each side, making a goal.

"Okay, cmon let's play." I say and we all started playing a match of football. Louis, Liam, and I on a team and Harry, Niall, and Zayn on a team.

"You know I was only joking when you told you to take your shirt off. I'm sorry if you thought I was being serious." Harry said to me as Louis and Niall were competing for the ball.

"I know, you don't have to worry." I smiled at him. Harry swung his arm over my shoulder and pulled me close to him for a side hug.

"Stop hugging and come help me get this goal!" Louis shouted and Harry and I just laughed then we raced up to where Louis and Niall were. Louis passed me the ball and I scored a goal.

Louis and Liam came running towards me, the two of us did a little group hug.

"Cmon guys! Time to go!" Daniel shouted from the deck. Louis's arm was still wrapped around my waist and I looked down at his hand and noticed that my writing was starting to disappear again.

"You know, I have to re-write this." I say as I grabbed his hand from waist and turning around so I was facing him. I was holding his hand in front of us as I walked backwards to the house.

"I'll grab the sharpie on our way in, you can do it in the car. I need to re-write mine too." He says as he lifts my other hand and holds in front of us, showing the writing almost gone on the back of my hand.

"We should hurry up before Daniel yells at us." I say and he puts his arm over my shoulder.

"You two are gonna make us late, we can't afford that." Louis mocked Daniel in this weird voice.

"You two need to stop messing around and focus." I mock as well. Louis and I burst out laughing as we walked up the steps to the deck. We walked inside and Louis quickly ran upstairs to grab a shirt, a sharpie, and our phones.

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