~Chapter 13~

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⚠️ Slight violence. Be aware.⚠️

Hawkmoth's eyebrows rose slightly as he smirked. "Adrien Agreste... Delightful seeing you here."

"Stop the camera," Adrien repeated, his voice stern and full of anger.

Marinette kept eyeing the blonde and inspected him.

The only thing she could read of his body language was fury and discomfort. She just hoped that he wouldn't be akumatized, or hurt even more.

Hawkmoth obeyed his son's words and the red light of the camera stopped flashing.

Marinette let out a sigh of relief and this made Adrien look at her. His expression remained the same - full of rage.

She begged with her eyes for him to understand, now almost certain that he knew her secret identity, but to no avail.

His eyes shifted back to his father. "Let her go. You have my miraculous, father. Don't take her from me too."

Hawkmoth shook his head in amusement. "The fact that you even have the audacity to ask that."

He approached Adrien, which made the teenager's body stiffen in response.

"You disobeyed me, son", he whispered angrily, "you ran away, left me in worry, was Cat Noir without me knowing, kept me from achieving my goal, and got yourself a girlfriend without notifying me."

Adrien's jaw sharpened. "You have no right to say those words to me", He spat to him. "You are hawkmoth for god's sake! You hurt innocent people and for what? To awaken mom? What do you think she will do when she hears about this? Do you think she'll be grateful once she has woken up? Knowing how many people were hurt for her benefit?"

Hawkmoth growled and grabbed his throat, pushing him into a wall.

"Disloyal", he stated, looking him dead in the eyes.

"Weak..."  He slightly tilted his head.

"And worthless to me. You mean nothing to me." Hawkmoth chuckled. "Let me rephrase that... You are not just worthless to me, you're just worthless in general."

He turned Adrien's head in Marinette's direction and his eyes were filled with hurt.

"You couldn't even save your peasant girlfriend." He laughed.

She immediately shook her head, telling him not to listen. Pleading him to not believe those words.

His eyes closed and his head started to change color. He was dying.

"Stop!" Marinette screamed through the fabric that covered her mouth, preventing her from speaking.

Her eyes started to tear up and her breathing began to shake. "Please!", she begged.

Hawkmoth eyes gazed at her and a smirk formed on this lips.

"I have to give you this, Adrien", he chuckled, "you have found a real one. She wouldn't beg to me before, but she just did for you."

He let go of his neck and walked towards the bluebell-eyed girl, a grin still displayed on his face.

Adrien collapsed to the floor, gasping for air, meeting Marinette's eyes again. Gratefulness flashed through them, but he remained furious.

She then looked back at the villain who had just kneeled in front of her. "Beg for me again."

Marinette's eyes slowly closed and she let out a small sigh.

"Do it, or I'll hurt him again."

Her eyes shot back to Adrien again, who now had finally managed to stand.

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