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"This is where you will live for now Princess Cameron," my father's friend, Greg said to me. He welcomed me to his home, making sure I was comfortable enough. My room was quite smaller than what I was used to but I didn't mind the change. As long as I have my privacy then it's fine. It was only temporary just in case I visit here since I would be living in the dorm rooms.

"Princess, please sit down," Greg motioned for me to sit on his small couch. Like I was taught, I sat ladylike and rolled my eyes mentally.

"You know why you're here right?" He asked and I nodded my head. Yesterday was chaos. Armed men infiltrated the Kingdom, holding hostages and some being killed by them. It was a terrifying experience that I wished would not happen. They did terrible things to my people and they will regret ever doing any of this.

My father the King instructed me to follow Greg, to keep me safe and I just wished they are safe as well.

"Those men are looking for you and sooner or later they will be searching for you over here."

"Go on," I said but my tone sounded stern.

"I'm enrolling you to the private school as a senior nearby," he continued to which I listened carefully, not sure why he sounded confused or worried. "But you will be going as a man."

My brows creased at the plan if the me, the princess dressing up in the opposite clothes but I thought of it carefully. Those men are looking for the Princess but if I dressed up as a man, no one will even know.


Greg asked for my permission if he could cut my hair which I allowed since I didn't have a choice. As far as I could remember only women helped me out and Greg didn't want doing it either but he didn't approve of anyone knowing about me.

I look at myself in thw mirror and I didn't look bad at all. I could pass for a pretty boy, a heart breaker. A noble title for a good cause.

"Girls will swoon over you rather than me," he joked and I chuckled.

He gave me a polo and pants to wear and I had a bulge going on in my chest.

"Will you give me bandages so I could wrap myself up please," I made sure I sounded kind and not like a stuck up princess. People mistake me for rude since I rarely smile, it's just that pretending to be happy in front of the stuck up nobles make me sick.

After wrapping myself up I fnally look the part. Now I do not have to act to walk straight and not look down like the proper princess. This will be easy. As a princess I've never liked playing with dolls and pretending to be as feminine as possible. No, that wasn't me. Running around and playing with my cousin was my pastime back in the palace so this pretend will be easy.

"You look pretty Princess Cameron," he complimented me to which I thanked him.

"Don't you think calling me the Princess is a bad idea?"

"Oh right, how stupid of me," he shook his head and thought. "How about we call you Cam so it is not that hard."

My hand as in my pocket and I raked my hair out of my face.

"You're name from now is Cam Shaw,"

"Shaw?" That is so not noble.

He scratched his stubble and chuckled. "Yeah, it's my last name and you will be my son."

"Oh, right."

"Let's take you shopping Pri--Cam," he walked over to one of the door.

"Shopping?" I've heard of it before but never actually gone out to do that. We had people for them.

"Yeah, to buy you new clothes," he added and I walked over. Just on the side of the door there was a small circular table with a flower on a vase and sunglasses. Reaching for it, I placed them on the nose of my bridge and followed my new father.

 Reaching for it, I placed them on the nose of my bridge and followed my new father

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