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What do you do when a 5'7 sea-green eyes and dark hair corners you, grabbing your collar and got no where to go.

Because you are undercover, you apologize again. There are things I have learned in the palace, that included martial art and other stuff and I am not really in the mood in causing a scene and hurting a mere subject.

"Shut up," she sneered. What is her problem really.

Sea-green eyes stared at me furiously but I didn't flinch. We continued staring at each other for a minute until she released me and I fixed my uniform.

As soon I was good to go I left but she stopped me again. "Where do you think you are going?"


"You ruined my uniform. Pay up," she snarled. We had crowds whispering among themselves and I wasn't going to do something she wanted that didn't make sense.

"It looks fine," I remarked and she grabbed me by the collar again. The sea green eyed girl was actually choking me but I didn't look affected by it all. Good thing for me I had more strength. I held her wrist and gripped it a little and she flinched and I removed her hand from me.

"Don't touch me," peasant.

"Ouch," she reacted. "You'd dare hurt a woman and you call yourself a man?"

A woman? More like a wild dog.

Well technically it's okay for me to do that since I was raised as a female.

"I wouldn't really touch a woman but seeing you, I think otherwise." Then I left and I could hear her cursing words. Can I just have a normal day?

"Cam, that scared the shit out of me. You okay? Sorry couldn't help but that woman traumatize me." Mat slung his arm around my shoulder and walked to the classroom.

"What did it do to you?" I referred to her as "it" because she's definitely not human.

But you can call me that I guess. I don't really know where I belonged in society.

Mat put a finger on his lip and shh me. "If Morgan heard you calling her "it" we're dead."

So it had a name.

Rolling my eyes mentally I asked again.

"I once confronted her because of something bad she did to a fellow classmate and it didn't go well. She bullied me the whole year junior year."

"Poor you," I said as we entered the classroom. It seems like everybody knows what is going on here because the moment I entered everybody went silent.

Is it too late to request to change school?

"First day of school and you're popular already. Damn Cam," Mat whispered and we walked to our seats and was stopped by another subject. I breathed in and out to control my temper.

Remember all those lessons you were taught as a princess that you should stay calm and keep your mouth shut oh wait, I'm a guy now. I can finally do what I want.

"Move," I commanded at the poor looking male in front of me.

"Chill, I was only talking to you to invite you to a party tonight. It's at 7," the guy moved out of my way and as soon as I sat everyone went to their chattering.

"Dude, you got invited by Chase. That's so cool," Mat said excitedly. "He's like the most popular guy at school and to be invited by him personally says a lot. You get to be in the popular side now." He patted my back, eyeing me as if he wanted to say something.

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