chapter twenty-four

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y/n pov

the smell of toast filled my nose and the light shining through my window on my eyes which woke me up to a view i didn't expect -or really want

they were all there

standing around my bed, jin was holding a plate of toast, jimin was holding some juice and rm was stood with his hands behind my backs while they all looked at me while smiling

it would have been a lie to say i wasn't very, very creeped out

i mean it's not everyday you wake up to seven grown men stood around your bed smiling at you

me-" i- wha- why?" is all i could say

jungkook-"we thought we would bring you breakfast in bed!" he says happily

j-hope-"so surprise!!"

me-"um thank you?" i said confused, why are they here?

i think yoongi could gather from my confused face that i didn't understand what was going on

yoongi-"it's to make up for yesterday"

me-"o-oh well um thank you very much" i said unconfidently and embarrassed

tae-"too much?"

i quickly nodded

j-hope-"but you haven't even seen the best part!"

oh god what now

namjoon-"ta-da!" he said while pulling out a book from behind his back

me-"OMG!" i said as i jumped out of bed which caused them all to laugh a little "where did you get this?" i questioned still in pure shock

namjoon-"i found it in the library room, do you like it?"

a library room


why did no one tell me

me-"it's perfect! thank you" i said while getting up and giving him a hug

jin-"hey i made toast! i want a hug!" he said which made me laugh

me-"okay okay" i wrapped my arms around him and he hugged me back

jimin-"i got juice for you" he said while smiling so i gave him a hug

jungkook-"the juice was my idea!" he whined so i gave him a hug too

j-hope looked at me with puppy dog eyes so i gave him a hug

i gave tae a hug too because it's tae and yoongi was very much avoiding eye-contact but i went in for one anyway and he just patted my back

'weirdo' i though

everyone made there way out of my room to allow me to finish my toast and juice and give me some time to relax

it wasn't as easy as it might seem to relax as i got very very bored so i decide i would go find one of them to annoy

but first i had to go to the bathroom and sort myself out because otherwise we all know it would be a problem

the aroma of fresh food filled my nose so i sprinted to the kitchen

me-"what are you making?" i asked the tall man in front of me

jin-"i thought some simple pasta would be good with some cheese for today's lunch"

me-"ooo it sounds amazing!" i said causing him to smile brightly

jin-"thank you"

me-"um could i- maybe- help?" i asked shyly which caused him to chuckle

jin-"of course, why don't you grate the cheese?"


i began grating the cheese while jin was adding all sorts of things into the pot with the pasta

me-"you are really good at cooking jin, did you do it a lot"

jin-"i used to cook for my little cousins all the time and that where i discovered i loved it, how about you?"

that's when all the memories came back

me-"um- i used to cook with my mum" i said slightly quieter than i had previously been speaking with my head swung low

jin-"i'm sure she would be proud!" he says while picking up my chin and smiling at me

me-"thank you jin" i said and engulfed him in yet another hug

i went back to treating and must have gotten distracted as i ended up cutting my finger

accidentally i winced in pain which caught jim's attention

jin-"oh god! um its okay y/n" he said once he spotted the blood and began to open a cupboard

'how much blood am i gonna loose' i thought to myself, slightly irritated

he rinsed my finger under water which did kinda hurt and then put a plaster over it which he had gotten from the cupboard

jin-"there you go" he smiled proudly

me-"thank you"

jin-"oh good you didn't get any blood in the cheese" he said which made me laugh

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