chapter twenty-five

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y/n pov

after a while, we had shared many laughs and finally finished making our meal

failing horribly, i attempted to grab some plates from the shelf, the top shelf

'why would someone place them there?'

i ended up stumbling but thankfully jin caught me before i could fall

jin-"you're really clumsy y/n" he chuckled

y/n-"i swear i'm not normally like this" i said in defence while he shuck his head

jin began to serve our amazing meal onto each plate somewhat equally

once he had place the meal on, we would grab the plates start taking them through to the dining room

i would have gone alone to do this simple task but jin said i was too clumsy today and i would accidentally break something, how rude

jin-"do you want to go get everyone y/n?"

me-"sure" i said and hoped out of the room, i was. super excited to see what everyone would think of it

i skipped off to the first room which was tae and namjoon's

i knocked on the door and waited till i head a "come in" so i entered to see tae, jimin and jungkook all sat there

tae-"can we help you?" he asked politely

y/n-"dinners ready!" i said as bright smiles appeared on there faces

i heard some "thank you"s as i walked over to the next room, it was yoongi's room

cautiously, i knocked on the door waiting for a reply

i didn't get one

i knocked again and waited

still no reply

having enough at this point, i opened the door to be treated with darkness

'is he a vampire or something?' i thought to myself as i walked in further until i made an unfortunate mistake

i was trying to find my way in the dark as i was walking through the room, not really looking at the floor

not noticing the sleeping yoongi on the floor, i walked and tripped over him which caused me to fall and aggressively woke him up

'why is he sleeping on the floor?' i thought

i slowly turned round and was greeted with his terrifying glare staring straight into my eyes

if looks could kill, then you can consider me dead

me-"g-good morning" i said while trying to remain calm under his intense eyes

he was about to speak but thankfully we were interrupted by the sound of laughing coming from the door

i turned to see j-hope cackling with namjoon chuckling behind him while yoongi kept his harsh gaze at me

namjoon-"what are you doing?" he asked through his laughs

me-"i was getting him for dinner, you should come too" i said shyly while getting up as fast as i could and going past the boys to the dinning room

i could hear them talking and the their foot steps coming our way

as i entered the dining room i saw some of the boys sat down waiting so i took my seat between jungkook and tae

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