Lil Meow Meow!!!!

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As u see the title, u might got what i meaaannnn!!! Yep! It's YOONGI'S BIRTHDAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!! My life, my bias, my love, my everything!!!!!!!

I love him more than anything. Literally more than myself. I know he's not gonna read it.

But it's true that nothing in the world can describe my love for him. Even i myself can't imagine how much place he has in my heart.

Suga has been through so many hardships in his life, he had to go through many obstacles to achieve his dream. His determination & bold voice inspires me so much. It gets me so emotional thinking about his journey, and it makes me extremely happy to know that he is finally happy now....

(I wrote the same paragraph in my ig story nvm)

But yeah i love him with all my heart. This may seem cringe but it's the truth.

He's soo precious 😇

I'm out of breath 🥲

Gooossshh!! How can someone be so adorable, cute, handsom and hot asf at the same tiimmmeeee!!! Only possible by our boys hehe.😁

Aaaannnddd......this gummy smile! I also have gummy smile but i look like a witch when i smile 😐

Amywaysss......this is not an update. I'll try to update soo as we reached our targeeettt!! Thank u sooo mucchhh


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