Chapter 29-flashbacks

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"Hey Em, it's time to wake up", Hermione whispered.

Ember's eyes fluttered open at her friends words, "What time is it?"

"There's still two hours before class starts but today is your first day back. You need to be prepared and I'm going to help you"

A loud snore escaped from Ginny's lips. She was snuggled up in a ball in a recliner chair in the corner of the room.

Ember yawned, "You haven't woken Ginny yet?"

Hermione shook her head profusely, "Oh no. That would be like waking up Fr-"

Ember rubbed her eyes and stared at her, "It would be like waking up who?"

Hermione raised her eyebrows innocently and began putting her hair up, "Nothing. Ginny is just not really a morning person. I'll wake her when it's necessary. For now, how about you get cleaned up. A shower yeah?"

Ember nodded, "I do love showers"

Ember wobbled over to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She turned on the water and began slipping off her pajamas. She made sure the water was burning hot, then she stepped in and let the water wash away the sleepiness.

She took a step forward to get closer to the water to let it hit her face. Her hand leaned out and touched the wall for support. Her mind immediately went dizzy and everything around her went still, like time had frozen. Her mind went blank and an image of her and a red-headed boy appeared right there in front of her.

Ember's flashback

My arms wrapped around his neck and he lifted me up into his arms. He pressed my back against the shower wall and moved the soaking strands of hair out of my face.

I stared down at his chisel-structured face, "Are you gonna kiss me Weasley or just stand there an-"

He smirked and interrupted me by smashing his lips against mine.


Ember's sight snapped back causing her to almost lose her balance and slip on the shower floor. Her heart was hammering against her chest as if begging to be released. She wrapped her arms around her body and sank to the ground. She looked around and peeked out the curtain to see if what she just seen was real.

She was beyond confused. What did she just see? Was it real? Was it the future? Or was it the past? Did she just recover a memory from touching the wall?

Ember shot her head towards the wall she touched and stood up immediately to touch it again, but nothing happened.

*knock, knock*

"Em, you doing okay?"

Ember flinched, "Oh! Yeah sorry I'm good. Uhm, be out soon"

Her mind was racing with questions and ideas about what she had just witnessed. It had to be the past, right? That was recovering a memory? A memory with a Weasley apparently. Which one was the question. The memory was so steamy from the hot water it was hard to make out a face. But all she knew was that it was in fact a Weasley.

She quickly finished taking her shower then stepped out and wrapped a towel around her body.

She opened the door and walked over to her bed where Hermione had laid out her school robes. "Didn't wake up Ginny I see"

Hermione closed her book and smiled towards Ginny who was still snoring away, "I figured I should wait til' you got out to witness it"

"Is it that bad?", Ember laughed while clipping her bra on.

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