22: Take care

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*read the note after the story. Something educative is written😁*

??? Pov

I was walking through the hallway after completing some tasks on science project. But i halted at my steps when i saw an unconscious girl lying on the floor. I quietly went to her and bend down removing her hair from her face which was covered in blood and sweat.

My eyes went wide seeing her. It was soyun! I hurriedly carried her in bridal style and ran to the school hospital. I couldn't stop thinking who could do this to her. We thought...she was...a spy? And if she was, she would definitely learn how to fight. Then how did this happen. Or any rival attacked her? Why a rival would attack her in the school?

Again, i didn't know why i actually cared for her. But...she's a human after all. I can't just leave her like that just because we hate her. I still have some sympathy and humanities left inside me. I reached the school hospital but put on a mask so that nobody recognises me.

I went inside and the nurse's eyes went wide seeing her condition. She rushed towards me and helped me laying her on the bed.
How did these happen?
She asked.
I don't know...i found her lying unconscious in this condition in the hallway.
I said and the nurse nodded. She started treating her.

Treat her well ok? And don't tell her who bought her here. Just tell that u saw her in the hallway and bought her here. Got it?
I said in a calm and intimating tone. The nurse just nodded while treating her bruises. I left from there without another word and sighed.

Soyun pov

I blinked a few times before opening my eyes fully and found myself in the school hospital. I looked around confusingly and saw a nurse working. She looked at my direction and smiled warmly.
You woke up? How are u feeling dear?
I tried to move a bit but hissed in pain. She rushed towards me and made me lay down on the bed. I felt pain in my stomach.

You need rest dear. Here take these painkillers. It will help u
She said handing me some of them. I was going to take it when she stopped me. I looked at her confused
What did u eat in lunch?
She asked me looking concerned.
Umm..an apple.
I answered honestly. But she then sighed and spoke
Dear...u can't take medicine with an empty stomach. Wait let me call ur guardian.

My eyes went wide and i immense stopped her.
N-no need to call them! I will go by myself.
She looked at me suspiciously so i quickly covered up.
Actually my mom guardian is out of town. And if they get to know about this...won't they be tensed?
I said and smiled nervously. Thinking that she would believe my lies.

She just sighed and patted my shoulders.
Girl...u should take care of yourself. If he didn't bring-
Who? Wait- who bought me here? Tell me honestly!
She looked hesitant with the answer.
Aaamm...actually...i think ur boyfriend bought u here...
I looked at he perplexed.

W-what? Who?
I asked her with wide eyes. Who could it be?
I don't know. Even the boy told me not to tell u. Just left after bringing u here.
She said also confused. I looked down thinking who ig might be.
Do u remember how he...loked like?
I asked her hoping that she will be able to tell. But she nodded no as an answer
The guy was wearing a mask. So i couldn't identify him. But i remember he had a very expensive wrist watch on. And he was almost 6 feet tall.

I nodded slowly still making up the puzzles but couldn't find any clue. I gave up at last and tried to stand. I was feeling a little better. I was able to stand with the help of the nurse. I bade her goodbye and headed home. But all these time, I couldn't sort out who it could be.

Soon, i reached home and sighed before stepping in. My heart was beating fast thinking what my step brothers would react. I think telling them about the incident will not help. Cuz they don't care anyways. I tiptoed towards my room and fall on the bed clutching my stomach. I thought i was saved frkm them. They give me a scary aura making it difficult for me to even approach in front of them.

I heard a knock on the door. I woke up lazily and opened the door. But found no there. I was going to close the door but my eyes fell on the things kept on the floor. There were some chocolates and some nuts with a beverage. It was a drink which minhyunk oppa used to give me to drink during my period. I looked around confusingly gulping hard. What's happening today? First of that mysterious guy and now this?!

I closed the door after picking them up. I found a note written on one of the chocolate bars.
Hope it will make u feel better. Take care of yourself
My eyes went wide reading the note. I took deep breath and kept those on my table. I decided not to take this but immediately, my stomach growled and side by side the cramp and over that, the bruises are still not recovered.

I gave up and took one of the chocolate bar and started eating. I was feeling a lot better after that. I fell asleep after that. I woke up by some noises on the downstairs. I rubbed my eyes lazily and went there walking like a penguin. I saw two figures standing there. My vision was blurry but when i saw the person, my eyes went wide!

End of chapter 22

Cliffhanger 😈
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