~Chapter 14~

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Adrien asked Plagg to inform Tikki that he had his miraculous back after he had thanked Nathalie and decided it would be the safest option to stay in the room he was currently in because he didn't know this part of the mansion.

He hid in a corner and sat down, his knees pulled against his chest.

He hoped everything would work out. He absolutely hated his father, but he was still his father. He didn't want him to suffer in jail for the rest of his life, although that was probably what he deserved.

He just hoped everyone would be happy after everything was over.

He suddenly heard footsteps entering the room and he quickly held his breath, not daring to make a sound.

His eyes had now adjusted to the dark and he saw his father entering, detransformed.

He headed towards the platform and Adrien panicked.

Gabriel would see that the ring was taken and he connect the dots. It also wouldn't take long for his father to find him, considering he was in the same room, and he couldn't transform either because Plagg had left to find Tikki.

So he made a run from it.

He leaped up and ran away as fast as possible. He hoped that the slamming of his soles against the ground wouldn't make too much noise and ran towards in the direction he thought Marinette would be.

But he then heard his father say his transformation words behind him and he cursed under his breath.

Hawkmoth's powers allowed him to run faster, and he would easily be able to grab Adrien.

"Plagg, help!" He yelled, praying his kwami would hear him.

The footsteps behind him came closer and closer and Adrien kept running as fast as possible.

It was only about 10 seconds until he would reach the room Marinette was in. He could do this.

The impact of a chest pressed against his back made him fall against the ground.

"Plagg!" He called out again, panicking.

"I've got you, Adrien. I should have known you were lying about your promise." Hawkmoth mumbled before reaching for his ring.

He stiffened and closed his eyes preparing for the impact.

He then heard the voice of a certain kwami calling his name.

His head snapped up and his eyes met those of Plagg.

He immediately called his transformation words and threw his father of him.

He ran towards the room where his lady was and it felt so so good to have his powers back again.

It made him feel stronger and safer. More sure about himself.

He threw open the door and the door slammed in Hawkmoth's face, who had followed him. He heard his father curse and he grinned. Payback.

He saw Marinette still chained up and jumped towards her, calling for his cataclysm.

He destroyed the chains that were holding her with the touch of his hand and she threw her arms around him.

"Marinette, transform quickly before my father gets back." He warned, glancing back to see his father entering the room, his face full fury.

She called her transformation words and his partner appeared next to him. It was still a lot to process, but he had gotten used to the fact by now.

His girlfriend was the one and only ladybug. He loved her so much.

They took their fighting poses and glanced at Hawkmoth. He actually looked terrified now, considering it was two against one.

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