12. 𝕻𝕺𝖁

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12 - POV ᴀ

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12 - POV ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ

"Hey Kyo, can you help me with my hair?" You ask holding your extra hair band out for Kyo to hold.

"Sure." You both stop walking letting Tohru and Yuki know you'll catch up.

Surprisingly after the kiss incident, it hasn't been awkward between the two of y'all. If anything it made you guys closer. You had real high hopes for him liking you back.

You take your hair out of your school ponytail and run your hands through it. You redid the ponytail making it more neat than before.

"Say, let's make a bet?" You ask turning around to Kyo. He looked at you with interest waiting for you to continue. " Who ever makes it to the house first wins." Then you start sprinting as fast as you could.

"HEY! THAT'S NOT FAIR YOU GOT A HEAD START!" Kyo shouted, running after you. He never gave you your extra hair band back so he put it on his wrist, still yelling after you.

You look back to see Kyo with a smile on his face right behind you. You let out a laugh as you turn back around.

You make it to the house before Kyo, out of breath. When he finally arrives, he says you cheated for running first.

"Whatever lets you sleep at night." You joke walking towards the door. When you make it into the house your smile Immediately turns into a frown upon seeing Kagura at the table.

Kyo see's your face change and looks in the living room to see Kagura and master Kazuma at the table.

After that he shut down. He sat in the corner completely quiet. He stared at the floor only stealing a glance at you every once in a while.

"Come on Kyo, why don't you talk to your master? " Shigure suggested.

"Maybe we should talk up stairs." Kazuma told Kyo more than asked Kyo.

The two went up stairs into his room. Kyo grew a big smile on his face.

"I can't believe you're here!" Kyo said acting like a puppy that sees its owner

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"I can't believe you're here!" Kyo said acting like a puppy that sees its owner. He was so happy his master didn't forget about him.

"So how has it been here?" Kazuma asked with a smile.

"Ugh, I don't like it here. I have to live with that rat in that same house." Even though Kyo was still slightly smiling, you could tell he wasn't happy about that part.

"What about y/n?" The question threw Kyo off completely. He didn't expect you to be brought up in the conversation. But just thinking about you made him blush.

"I well- uh-"

"Do you love her?" Kazuma questioned. He was serious. Really serious. The boy he raised as his own found someone that makes him happy. That's all he has ever wanted. He knew if anything would happen between you and Kyo, he had to be sure of Kyo's feelings.

The question was taking longer than Kyo expected to answer. Did he? He has always been closer to you than Tohru. You never failed to make him smile. When he wasn't with you, you were always on his mind. But did he love you?

He couldn't. He promised never to love anyone again. He did want to. But that couldn't stop him from what he said next.


Back downstairs

"Hey Kagura." You said giving the said girl a fake smile.

"Hey y/n." She said giving the same energy back. The two of you stared just 'smiling' at one another.

"Ah! Guys calm down." Tohru could feel the tension between the two of you and she didn't like it. "Yuki! What do I do?!"

Yuki looked at the group of girls. Two fighting with their eyes, the other trying to calm them down.

With all the commotion going on, the teens didn't see Kazuma and Kyo go down stairs and outside.

A little while later you and Kagura calmed down and were sitting talking.

"Excuse me y/n, could you you join me for a moment."

You look up from your phone to see Kazuma bye the door. "Sure."

'Shit what did I do?' You thought walking towards the door and putting your shoes on

As you were walking out you heard Kyo scream 'DON'T LOOK!' You keep going out to see Kyo turn into a form you've never seen before.

"Kyo..." you whisper.

He takes off into the woods, leaving you standing there. You were so confused. Thoughts swarming your mind. You've never been this scared before. Should you fight for him even if he doesn't want you to?

Without even realizing it, you had started running. Where? You couldn't even answer.

You kept running till you smelt something awful. You put two and two together guessing it was Kyo. Soon the smell got strong and you realized Kyo was in your view.

"Kyo!" You call out to him. He looks over at you then back the other way.

"Leave me alone." Ignoring his request, you got closer to Kyo.

"I said leave!" Kyo said but this time with more anger in his voice.

"Hell no." Kyo turned back around looking at you. " There is no way in hell I'm leaving you. We're going through something and I want to help you. I want you."

"NO YOU DON'T!" He shouted back.

"Yes I do. And nothing is going to change that. I love you Kyo Sohma. There I said it. And I will always love you. So please, can we go home?"

As if on cue, Kyo turns back to his normal self. You run up to him, despite him beings unclothed, and hug him. He lifts your head up and kisses you. You kiss back wrapping your arms around his neck and his around your waist.

"I'ma love you too. Even if I'm scared to."

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