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I barged in the room of Cam's and found her already up and reading a book. She wore loose tshirt and boy shorts and I could see the bulge in them. Mat was still snoring and I rolled my eyes.

"Go change we're buying something," I commanded and she put down the book and frowned.

"Good morning to you too harpy," she groaned and stretched, her toned stomach visible and the shorts hugged her tighter. I met her gaze back and she creased her eyebrows cluelessly.

This person can be striking and intelligent but at the same fucking stupid. She went to the bathroom to shower and I sat where she was a while ago and picking up the book she was reading and scanned at the back summary. An action-romance book, not my kind of genre.

When I first bumped into Cam I was fucking mad because someone was not looking but I will not admit that but when I got to look a little bit closer I found him beautiful. His face was clean and smooth unlike the stubbles of the male popilation and he wasn't intimidated by me not a bit.

As a person who is 110% lesbian you know when someone is one or not, well atleast for me. That's what I saw in Cam's and I thought he was gay. I was intrigued by Cam for his beauty that was out of this world. I wanted to make sure if he was really male because no man can be that beautiful.

Shit, so I made him drunk I didn't know why probably for payback because he was ignoring me and saw what she was. At first I was confused and it hit me that she was intersexual. I wasn't freaked out or anything but actually happy that she had boobs. Boobs all the way. I always had a soft spot for women because they are super hot and smooth.

I concluded that I wanted her, badly. I used her to my advantage to spend more time and get to know her.

Then Kayla came and annoyed me. Yes she was my best friend and she suddenly took interest of Cam. She's not gay but Cam really attracts attention because even I was stricken.

Don't get me started when we wrestled on the ground and I felt her member on my ass. Fuck.

Her tennis game just made me want her more those legs in those leggings didn't do her justice.

Am I the only one to notice how graceful she was because that was not how a guy behaves. She shows manly attributes but I could see right through her demeanor.

Don't get me started when Kayla started flirting with her up on the air. If I could rip my bestfriend's head off I would, oh just how many times I have wanted to push her off the plane but I couldn't. I love my bestfriend.

The half witted brain of Cam's...I cannot. She's so slow.

Cam came out fully clothed. She wore all black. Black boots, jeans, shirt and leather jacket. In short, she was fucking mesmerizing. I cleared my throat and rolled my eyes.

We walked around looking for nothing in particular. I just wanted to go around with her just in case Kayla interrupts again.

To make it not seem I had no reason to go out I bought souvenirs for no one and shoved it in my duffel bag. She walked beside me and I always had to look up because she was fucking tall.

She kept looking at me as we were walking to no particular direction and I could feel her daze and I looked back and acted ignorant. "What?"

"Are you enjoying the trip?"

Hell yes.

"Why did you choose here?" I asked because I was curious. Korea was my top 1 places I want to visit but never had the chance because it was too far and I had school.

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