Chapter Thirty- Two

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__Xiao Zhan's POV__

It's been two month and more since I've been in this house. Enjoying my life with my most beautiful family. I consider myself lucky that I have this family. I got a loving caring mom, another caring dad, two big brothers, another didi like my Jiyang. A buddy and of course my bff jackson. He is always there in my life. Oh yes, I also got a husband. It's kinda funny, a guy like me has a  husband now. Yibo, haha.. he is handsome there is no doubt about it. Sometimes, he is annoying and sometimes cute too. Everyone in this family loves me a lot. Especially Yibo, I know he cares about me but he won't admit it. He will always deny it and will say to me, 'nah, I don't care about you but, If I didn't take care of you. My family will bury me alive.' What he thinks about me? Am I an idiot or what? Well, I'm an idiot sometimes but not always. Huh!! I know he does care about me. But, he always gave me that excuse of, bury him alive. So, I stopped repeating the same question.

"Zhan!! What are you doing here?" A voice pulls me out of my train of thoughts.

I look back, Yibo was standing there looking at me with confusion.

"Nothing. Just watching the birds flying in the sky." I replied with a pale smile.

Hearing my answer, he rolled his eyes. When I felt, did I say something wrong or weird?

Actually, what I'm doing in front of the window looking at the sky? I was thinking about Yibo.

Well, it would have been weird if I said, I was thinking about you. Thank God, I didn't say something much weirder.

"Stop watching birds and go solve maths, which I gave to you to do." He said.

"Why are you so serious about study? Will do later." I replied.

"I'm serious because you aren't." He said.

"Who said, I'm not serious about study? I'm serious. But, I don't like studying. It's just super boring and I don't know how people do it." I said.

"Shut up." He said again, rolling his eyes.

"Ok.. ok.. shut up… Yibo, I promise I will do maths. After sometime. Please??" I said blinking a few times. Hoping it works.

"Okay. And, stop doing this, idiot." He said.

I smiled over joy. He was about to Went out but stopped and again walk to me,

"Is there anything else, you want to say?" I asked

He didn't reply. He was just staring at me. He has a different look in his eyes. As he was examining me head and toe.

After a few moments of silence, he finally asked with a concerned voice, "Are you okay?"

I smiled at him and replied, "I'm okay. Don't have to worry."

"I'm not worrying.. it's just that, if I didn't care…

"Yeah..yeah I know, everyone will bury you alive. I know." I said cutting him middle.

"Mnn. Yes." He said and walked out of the room.

See, he does care about me but won't admit. Huh!! He is cute, I'm afraid, if it keeps going, if he cares about me always like this, maybe I will fall in love with him. Or maybe I already did. From childhood till a few months ago, I didn't used to have anyone besides dad and Jiyang. But, I have everyone now. I love this family. I love y……  hahahahah!! This much happiness, I don't deserve it at all. That's why it won't last. I'm just a guest for a few months in this house. Yibo, Yibo, maybe I fell in love with you… but…. Do you???

__Wang Yibo's POV__

In all these months after we are together, one thing I understood Zhan is a person who can give everyone happiness, he can help everyone to be happy. But, he can't share his pain. I'm kinda sure, he has pain in his heart but he won't tell anyone. He wants to keep all pain with him and give all happiness to everyone. Why is he like this? So selfish. I don't know why but I felt he was thinking something standing in front of the window.

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