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Still Morgan

If this isn't embarassing I don't know what is. The korean ladies dragged the both of us to change and now we were put in a place to take picture together. It was obvious that the ladies was attracted to her. She was tall and handsome.

"You have a handsome boyfriend," one said and I cleared my throat, trying my best not to be affected by what she said.

I would have preferred girlfriend and brag about. Big puke on boyfriend.

This wasn't what I had in mind in wearing hanbok. Just wear them not take pictures together!

From the looks of them they insisted on taking picture together and the looked ready to devour us any second if we don't obey.

"Hold his arm ma'am," the photographer said. His accent was nice and easy to understand.

I have been holding her arm all the time at school and when someone asks you to do it in an unknown country it is embarassing.

To my surprise she grabbed my hand and out it around her arm.

Smiling would be weird now. Was Cam smiling? I didn't want to look.

"Okay, nice pose. 3-2-1," she clicked the camera and it was done. I fan myself and change back to my outfit and so did she.

When I came back outside Cam was waiting for me. I walked to her and the photographer followed handing us two copies of our first picture together. We were both awkward about it and neither of us smiled in the picture.

I smiled before putting it in my bag.

"You still look harpy even in the pictures. The photographer probably had a hard time editing your face," she laughed and I slapped her arm, pointing at her.

"If you say that one more time I'll make sure to leave another bruise on that pretty face," I groaned.

"I'm pretty?"

Was she not seeing herself in the mirror how gorgeous she was?

"You're bearable," I sighed and we walked out the place. Happy that I ticked off wearing hanbok from my list.

It was silent for a while and I initiated conversatio. "Do you want to go somewhere or back to the hotel?"

Today was our last day and we would be flying tonight. Sucks.

"I want to go somewhere but I don't know where. You?" She asked back.

"Same. Have you tried ramyeon? We have it back home but it tastes differently when you are actually here, I think."

Home is where the heart it is and Korea is home to ramyeon. Get it? Never mind then.

"Okay," she agreed and ended our time together by eating. To say in such a short time, I enjoy having Cam around or was it the other way round because I was always around to annoy her.


It's been a month and everyday is not getting quieter. Morgan would barge in my room early in the morning or come at night because she was bored and think spending her time with me would make it fun.

The only time that I have time to think and enjoy soliditary is when I am in the shower but when I come out I want to cover my ears and bury my head under a pillow.

"I have to ask you something since we haven't had this conversation yet."

"Great," I mumbled. We were swimming at midnight because she was bored and decided it was best to take me for a swim in the cold night. The heater wasn't any use and I had to move constantly to keep myself warm.

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