chapter eighteen

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y/n pov

i sat there and tried not to let the tears fall but it was hard, my breathing was becoming unsteady and my cheeks were now wet

'what has my life come to?' i questioned in my head until i was interrupted by a knocking at my door

me-"who is it?" i said after taking in a deep breath

?-"jungkook, can i come in?"

me-"ummm" i quickly whipped my tears to the best of my ability within that two second space "sure"

the door knob slowly twisted as a messy hair jungkook came in

jungkook-"t- did you clean your room?"

me-"yes" i said proudly "do you like it?"

jungkook-"it looks great! oh and also the boys are going out to explore the area and get food and stuff so i am going to stay here with you"

me-"oh okay"

jungkook-"so i was thinking that we could do something because it will be really boring if we don't"

me-"true.." i thought for a second "i know it's not fun but we could maybe clean the kitchen and dinning area or something so that when they get back we can eat?"

jungkook-"your a genius!" he exclamed excitedly which made me laugh

me-"have they left yet?"

jungkook-"no they are leaving in a minute though, oh and tae wanted to speak to you"

me-"let's go then" i said as we walked out of my room and headed to where the boys were stood, putting on shoes and coats

jimin-"there you two are"

tae-"y/n" he said while lightly grabbing my upper arm and walking a little further away from the others

me-"are you okay tae?" i asked while studying his face

tae-"yes, i'm fine, we won't be long and jungkook is going to stay with you so you will be safe"

me-"okay it's fine tae don't worry"

tae-"y/n are you sure you will be okay?"

me-"yes tae i will be fine, i promise" and with that we walk to the rest of the group where the others were talking to jungkook

tae-"and make sure to take care of her, we don't want a repeat of last time" he said in a stern voice

jungkook-"yes yes i've got it!" he said while ushering the six men out the door "now, shall we start with the kitchen?"

i nodded and we headed over to the dusty room

although i normally didn't enjoy cleaning, i didn't mind this because it was for everyone and i needed to help them some how

noticing a rag at the side, jungkook passed it to me so i began cleaning the dust and dirt of the counters and then making my way over to the cupboard while jungkook swept the floor using the brush from my room

we talked about a lot, he told me about the games he used to play online with his friends before everything happened, what he was like as a child and we chatted about our life before this

he was very funny so there was never a boring moment

we began to go through the cupboards to get rid of any thing in them and it was much easier said then done

they were covered in spider webs and dust so it was not fun at all

after about an hour we had done with the kitchen and made our way over to the dining room which didn't take long to sort because there wasn't much in there

jungkook was just sweeping the floor and then cleaning the widows while i cleaned the chairs, table and anything else that was there

it was much funnier than i expected

we were laughing so much, we have a similar sense of humour and everything that was said just made the situation ten times funnier

it reminded me of talking too a best friend and just being stuck in a constant fit of laughter where everything said just makes you laugh more and more

we made our way over to the living room area that had already been swept, i'm assuming by j-hope as everyone had previously been in there and the other rooms

we didn't even get chance to get to the sofa before we both collapsed on the floor exhausted while still laughing insanely

tae pov

me and all the boys except jungkook had gone to go find what ever we could for the house and it wasn't that bad but i couldn't stop worrying about y/n and jungkook at home

if anything happened we weren't there to protect them

even though jungkook is capable of taking care of her i still worried, i think all of us did

we tried to be as quick as we could and we sped home in the car only to be greeted by the sound of laughing coming from inside the house

jin unlocked the door and we were greeted with jungkook and y/n lying on the floor and cackling like witches

i feel happy that she is laughing and not upset but for some reason i'm kinda jealous of jungkook

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