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Birds chirping everywhere, nature calling out for you so you can wake up. You whined once your eyes opened and the sun met your sight.

You glance around, locating the clock somewhere to search what time was it. Turns out it was earlier than you would usually wake up. Very ahead that you preferred to go back to slumber and explore dreamland once again.

"Good morning!" Greeted Jin when he unexpectedly unlocked the door of your room without knocking. You winced then peeked at Jin who appeared unbothered by your reaction.

"Why'd you scream so early in the morning Jin?" You unhurriedly sat down on your bed, caressing your eyes by the sun's light.

"Do I not get a response from my greetings?" He asked, pretending to be offended and you laughed by his remark. "It's okay though, at least I did wake you up by shrieking and opening your bedroom door unexpectedly." he cackled.

"Fine," you breathed. "Good morning Jin! I'm still hysterical of you since you woke my wonderful slumber." You pointed out, the sarcasm obvious in your voice.

He chuckled. "Okay, enough with the bickering and the boys are lingering for you downstairs. We're all starving so you better hurry up!" He clapped like a gym teacher then headed back outside to go to the guys.

After that, you did want to go back to bed, but you're also hungry. So, you decided it would be agreeable if you eat first then go back to sleep. You got up from your bed wearing your slippers, walking towards the bathroom to scrub your face and brush your teeth.

When you finished brushing your teeth and washing your face, you inhaled and exhaled before opening your door and going out to consume with the boys.

Several welcomes got on you when you arrived downstairs. The boys were seated on their designated chairs and they were nice enough to save a seat for you which was beside Hoseok and Jin.

"Let's go and eat?" Jin proposed as everyone; containing you, nodded. "Y/N, strive this one. The boys and I cooked this because this was one of our favorite foods."

They offered you almost all of the foods that were placed on the table. Each of them wants you to eat all of the food that they helped with the cooking. You did like the foods they offered you, it was flavorful!

"Y/N was it good?" Taehyung asked, hoping you liked what he cooked. He spent hours wanting to learn that dish so he can someday cook it and he eventually, he did.

The whimper was your response, too busy munching on the food they provided you. You also didn't learn that all of their gazes were on you while you were eating a chicken drumstick and the seasoning was sloppy around your lips.

Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok chuckled at your messy state. They weren't showing their chuckles for they find it cute when you eat like this since you looked like a child.

"Y/N, nobody's going to steal the chicken. You can have all of them if you want." Namjoon moved the tray of chicken closer to you since he thinks you need more. "Here, eat more until you're delighted."

Now, you noticed everyone's gazes at you. You felt your insides twirl once you met each of their eyes. Just how long had they been staring at you? Was there something bothering your face? Why are they still looking at you?

"Is there something wrong with my face?" Your brows knitted as you asked that question. Taehyung couldn't help but burst into laughter once seeing your confused expression.

"Stop laughing Taehyung!" Jin scolded when he sees that you focus your attention on them instead of eating. "Here Y/N, let me wipe your mouth." Jin grabbed the napkin and softly wiped the sauce off your face.

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