Chapter 22

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Before you could continue further, he crashed his lips onto yours. You squirm under his weight, trying to push him off you, but to no avail as he grabs your wrists, pinning them above your head, ensuring no escape. With time you give in; you close your eyes and kiss him back passionately. Your lips molded perfectly with his, as if God created his lips just for you and no one else. He frees your wrists from his grip and flattened his hands either side of your head, as your hands snaked around his neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss. There it is again: butterflies- always the butterflies. It was such a weird sensation as if your stomach were full of 'em. It was as if butterflies would fly out of your mouth any second.

Such a strange feeling.

As the kiss got intense, the need for air, broke you'll apart. Collecting your breath, you look at his pupils which stared back at you with so much admiration that you could've sworn you saw his eyes sparkling.

"I've waited so long to taste you," He whispers, sending shivers down your spine, "May I?" He was being such a gentleman, and that was the quality you loved about Jung Hoseok. You were not saying that the other males were not gentlemen; you were saying each and every one of them have their own charm: and this man here was a real gentleman. You smile at him sweetly, nodding, as you tilt your head exposing your skin on your neck, allowing him to do so. He beamed broadly, showing off his pearly-white teeth. He bends over, inhaling the scent of your blood which was flowing under your skin, which made his fangs shoot out because of blood lust. He leaned in, sinking his fangs into your skin, piercing its way through. It was painful. Thankfully, the pain fades away, and of course, you felt the pleasure arise. It was weird how you felt pleasure- out of all the feelings, you know? It sounds absurd, 'cause when razor sharp fangs- not teeth, pierces through your skin, it's supposed to feel.... painful, but strangely you did not feel hurt or pained through any of the males. You guess it's how they want you to feel: If they want you to feel the pain, they could torture you; or they could make you feel the pleasure- the lust. You assume that's how it works.

He pulls out, finally, because you could feel yourself almost- almost losing consciousness. Somewhat, as soon as he pulled his fangs out, you could recollect your consciousness. A sigh of relief washed through you as he starts pecking the spot where he had bitten you moments ago. You became a giggling mess when the pecks felt ticklish all of a sudden.

You'll came to an abrupt stop, as both of you hear someone clear their throat loudly. You turn your head around to see the six males staring at you with unreadable expressions. The male who cleared his throat was- not surprisingly, Seokjin, who was giving you a death glare. You couldn't help but blush in the awkward atmosphere. Giving you a small smile, Hoseok got off from your torso. You sat up, looking at the males who were now grinning at you weirdly.

"So," You speak up, breaking the awkwardness present in the air, "You got your animal blood?" You were literally so grossed out; you couldn't help but make a disgusted face. Seeing your expression, they suppressed smiles at how you looked.

Seokjin, who still was giving you a death glare, scoffed. If looks could kill...I would've been dead right about now.

"Yeah, we did." Yoongi replied, walking away to probably store the blood. "Um, okay, we're just gonna go..." Jungkook says, slowly slipping away, as the others follow.

"Y/N, I have some work to be done. Is it okay-"

"Yeah, I know, its totally fine." You tell Hoseok, honestly, giving him a reassuring smile. He dashes off to his room, leaving you with Jin, who you didn't know was still standing there. You give Jin a confused expression, "Why you looking at me like that?" Instead of answering, he keeps quiet, ignoring my question. You shrug and get off of the sofa, ready to leave Jin behind, but something stopped you. You had this weird feeling he might follow you.

"Jin, are you okay? Are you mad at me?" You know it was by far the dumbest question you've sentenced; you couldn't help your curious mind.

Without a word, he grabs your wrist, dragging you to what you think is his room. Upon arriving, he lets go of your wrist, and flings open the door. He motions you to go inside his room. You scoff in disbelief, although you couldn't stop the small smile that tugged your lips. A minute ago, he was fuming for a reason you had no idea about; and now he was being a total gentleman.

You walk inside with no hesitation, as you take in every inch of his bedroom. It had light, uplifting colors; not something too light though. A king-sized bed; of course, because he was the eldest after all. Hearing Jin lock the door, you turn around, asking, "Jin, what is it that you-" You were cut right off mid-sentence as a force pushed you on top of the bed.

"I've waited long enough, Y/N."



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