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I didn't know what came over to me to kiss Morgan like that. I panicked and felt dizzy when the man walked to us and I thought the only reasonable thing to do was kiss her and I had to curse and moan. I'm going to lose it.

Oh. My. G-d.

Dialing Greg's phone, I bit my nails out of nervousness and he picked up almost immediately.

"They were here," I quickly said and Greg knew who I was talking about.

"It's better if we talk personally. I will be there in ten."

After ten minutes he knocked on my door and I let him in.

He checked my room and outside my window for precaution and stood infront of me before bowing. "Okay, calm down Princess. Did they notice you?"

Greg noticed my anxiousness as I tapped my foot nervously.

"I think so but I had to do something to make me less suspicious but I don't think they will be back soon," I frantically walked back and forth in my room.

"Do not worry, I will have security watch over you."

"No, don't do that. Do you think it will be a good idea to have me suddenly surrounded by people?"

"Then what do you want me to do instead?" He asked.

"Just make sure they don't come back," I replied and he said

"Whatever you say Princess."

"Any news of the kingdom?"

"They are safe, for now."

"What do you mean safe for now?"

"From what I heard Noble Bernard was head of this revolt," he replied. I wasn't surprised but I had a feeling Bernard was up to something but I didn't know it was forcing his way in the kigdom.

He was always at the palace and request an audience with my father. Although he couldn't see me, I was there watching him. I would hear him discussing who would take the throne well that was before they knew existed.

On my sixteenth birthday Bernard was the happiest among the nobles in seeing me. He was hungry for my father's throne and wanted it, requesting another audience with my father and discussing marriage with his son. My father laughed which I knew why, he didn't mean to insult Bernard or something and he took the insult very badly, hurting his poor ego.

Imagine marrying his son, what would that resolve to, we wouldn't have an heir.

Since then Bernard was always insisting and forceful and on my next birthday he infiltrated the kingdom with some of the nobles.

"Do you have the list of who allied with him?"

"Yes, they all came from the family of Soulier."

The Soulier's were power-hungry families that think only of themselves. The King allied with them and they only benefitted from us but father's vision wasn't all about money. He wanted peace and I will make sure all who betrayed us will face consequences.

Greed is very dangerous.

The more you have the more you want and the greedier you become.

"Do you think you can rescue my family?"

"Your father didn't want to leave the kingdom. The soldiers are doing their best to defend the place from Bernard who's defiling the throne but for now it is safer for you here." I nodded in response.

"Can you do me a favor?" I asked.

"Anything for you Princess."

"Gather the remaining families who stayed loyal to the kingdom, I want to take back the throne."

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