Chapter 16: Diana

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Athanasia's POV

"LUCAS! WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO?" I asked the guy who recently made my Daddy mad.

It is not like the first time I've witnessed my Papa that 'annoyed' but something's wrong!

Additionally, I know Papa and he won't easily let Lucas off!

"As soon as your father finally saw Lady Diana. His memory about me and the incident on Siodonna will automatically be replaced. So don't worry about me Princess" Lucas told me.

I almost forgot how powerful this bastard beside me is.

"Err Bastard! What exactly did you do to make my Papa that mad? And did my Papa already recognised the original identification of my Mama?!" I asked angrily.

He only scoffed at me as he turned his smugged expression away from me. "Like father, like daughter" I heard him whispered.

"Come on, tell me. What are you planning to do?"

"Teaching him a lesson" He answered casually. "Just a little bit, but of course, fixing him oughta big portion of my action"

"How??" I asked as I attempt to calm myself.

Lucas was about to answer but I quickly stop him when I noticed Lily and Felix going in our direction.

"PRINCESS! PRINCESS!" Lily approached me. She looks troubled while Felix seemed confused.


"His Majesty... His Majesty already knew"

I glimpsed at Lucas and he mounted his eyebrows towards me. "My Princess, I guess I have to go---"

I immediately grabbed Lucas' arms. I gave him my most dangerous stare as I utter "Stay here you bastard" towards him.

"You have to explain a lot of stuff, Lucas."


Diana's POV

"Lady Diana, You look gorgeous even without those accessories, you can stand out among the beauties of Obelia without even trying." Lily praised me when she finished my hair.

I stayed quiet while looking at my reflection in the mirror.

No, My Athy is the prettiest.

But I can't deny that my hair became more beautiful. Thanks to the impressive hands of Lily.


Err, I don't know why, but I'm kinda nervous.

Is this because of what Lucas had told me?

"Don't worry, Lady Diana. I made him peacefully asleep"

"You did what?"

"He finds us suspicious, So I made him asleep"

"W-what  do you intend to say?"

"My wig fell off the ground and he recognized me as the 'Young Warlock'" Lucas replied to me as if he did nothing.

My eyes went wide when I heard his confession. "H-he found out?" I asked tensely. "But why? And why are you using a wig? I thought you can do magic?"

Is that the purpose why he decided to use Athanasia's room while concealing his appearance? Come to think of it! He can just snap his finger to shift his clothes and his appearance.

But why? What are his intentions?

"Lady Diana..." Lucas called my name. "Have you ever thought about what is the connection between your past self to the Emperor?"

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