chapter nineteen

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(i'm really sorry for the late update)

y/n pov

i was laughing my head off with jungkook on the living room floor until we were interrupted by the sound of foot steps

my heart sunk

quickly, i turned around to see the rest of the boys which made me feel better, i was so worried for some reason

yoongi-"have you just been laughing all day while we have been out?"

y/n-"well yes we have been laughing but.." i said while getting up excitedly "come see"

i grabbed tae's and jimin's hand as we headed over to the now clean kitchen with the others following behind

me-"ta-da! look what me and jungkook did!"

jin-"wow guys it's so much cleaner"

jungkook-"we know" he said proudly with a smug grin on his face

me-"oh and we did the dinning room!" i said and walked that way too still holding jimin's and tae's hand

j-hope-"thank you guys"

me-"your welcome!"

and with that we, as always, began to drift off into different rooms

i went back to my bedroom and began to tackle the bathroom which surprisingly didn't look as bad as i remember

i was probably just tired

after around 30 minutes i had done

the floor was now clean, the toilet was in good condition, the shower now looked usable and the mirror was now clear

my mum would be proud of me

?-"dinners ready!" someone yelled

as fast as lightning, i ran out of my room and straight to the dinning room, i loved food and haven't had a good meal in a while

to my surprise, on the table was eight bowls filled with rice and vegetables which i was very happy about

me-"wow jin this looks amazing!" i said as i realised him and me where the only two there yet

that was until what sounded like a stampede of foot steps headed our way

i quickly moved away for the door frame and made room for j-hope, jimin, tae and jungkook who had all run there as though there life had depended on it

jungkook-"this looks so good jin!"

jimin-"yeah thank you jin"

j-hope/tae-"thank you!"

they sat down and i took the seat next to jin and tae

on the other side of tae was jimin, in front of jin was jungkook and in front of me was j-hope

me-"where are the others?" i asked

?-"we're here" someone from the door said

i looked up and it was namjoon followed by yoongi coming in and sitting down, namjoon in front of tae, yoongi in front of jimin

we all began eating and it might just be because i haven't eaten in a while but i swear the food was out of this world

jin could be a chef

after eating and having a casual chat i felt quite tired so i excused my self and headed off to bed

(i apologise that this chapter is so short, i will post another soon to make up for it -author)

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