Chapter 6

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Nothing else Vincent could have said would have surprised Gretchen more, or everyone else in the kitchen for that matter. What possible reason could the Alpha have for requesting to see Omega Seven, and when such a prestigious guest was here?

Seven froze in terror, wishing she were able to run away. Nothing could have enticed her to go into the dining room with Luther and his guests, had she been given a choice.

"Don't stand there dawdling" Gretchen snapped at her, quickly trying to regain her own composure. She grabbed Seven by the arm, and yanked her toward Vincent, who then took her by the arm and began dragging her toward the dining room. She would have loved to have put up a fight, but she knew that would only create a scene, she would likely still have to meet with the Alphas, and then would still receive a sound beating. So she resisted a little with Vincent took her arm, and began to shake in fear, but still allowed him to lead her to the dining room. Just as they had almost reached the room, a strong and comforting scent reached her nostrils. She knew it wasn't Luther or any of his pack, so she must be smelling the visiting Alpha or his Beta, the scent growing stronger as they got closer. It began to overwhelm her senses, a powerful aroma like fresh rain on green grass, clean and almost electric, like the air charged with static during a storm.

Alpha Dante was able to smell that same scent he had thought he smelled when they first arrived, it reminded him of vanilla and raspberries. Fresh and fragrant, but with a hint of spice and fruity sweetness. The scent got stronger, until it almost consumed all of his senses, and he began to feel a little lightheaded, until the source came around the corner in the form of a young woman. She was wearing worn and poorly fitting clothing, flimsy shoes, and an unusual arm cuff around her upper arm. Her hair was dirty, but appeared to have been somewhat of an auburn reddish brown color, but was tangled and poorly jumbled at the back of her head, and her dark brown eyes were filled with more fear than he had seen in anyone's eyes for a very long time. But he didn't really see much else, because as soon as she entered the room, his wolf began going crazy in his head.

"Mate" Dante said, with a possessive growl, as he stood up so suddenly, that he knocked over his chair, which clattered to the floor behind him. In response to his declaration, Seven's eyes seemed to double in size, with even more terror, and then she collapsed to the floor in front of them, with a dull thud.

Everyone froze in place, except for Dante, who was immediately by Seven's side, and he quickly gathered her up into his arms, completely ignoring any sense of his station as Alpha or hers as an Omega slave. He had finally found his mate. His wolf was whining in his head, upset to see his mate in this setting, obviously a slave to another Alpha. Dante's eyes began to glow, as he struggled to maintain control of his wolf.

After a moment or two of silence, everyone looking back and forth from the Alpha to each other, and back again, until Luther let out a loud cackle of laughter.

"Well, if that doesn't take the cake" he howled. "By the Moon Goddess, I never would have expected such a turn of events."

As Dante picked Seven up, he could feel the essence of the wolf's bane cuff, and could tell that it was restraining her in some way. "What is this?" he asked, with a growl forming in his chest.

"That's for their own safety" Luther began. "Many of the rogues are a danger to themselves and others, so naturally we have to subdue them to an extent."

"Take it off" Dante snarled.

Luther looked a little surprised, and studied Dante for a moment before responding.

"So you don't plan to reject her?" he finally said, a note of surprise in his question. "I assumed that an Alpha of your stature, would immediately reject such an inferior mate. Although" and he chuckled, "I guess the Moon Goddess doesn't think quite as highly of you as the council does, to have mated you to this wretch of a wolf."

Dante stood up, glaring straight into the eyes of Luther when he said, "She is coming with us, and we're leaving now. Now take this thing off of her."

Jackson was by Dante's side, ready to fight anyone who might interfere with them leaving with the Omega, and they both stared impatiently at Luther.

"Fine, fine" he said after some thought. He considered that it was better to lose an able kitchen slave than that it would be to start a war in his own dining room, with one of the region's most powerful Alpha's, who also happened to be deemed important by the council. "Vincent, get the key for Omega Seven's arm band." Then turning back to Dante he said, "I will give you the key, but for the safety of my pack, don't take the band off until you are out of our territory. No telling what a crazed rogue will do, once free."

Vincent returned then, and provided the key to Luther, who then handed it to Jackson. Then Jackson led the way out of the house and to the car, opening the back door, where Dante got in with Seven still unconscious in his arms. Jackson then got into the driver's seat, and they left quickly, and headed back to their own territory, about a 6 hour drive away.

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