Chapter 8

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"Can you tell us your real name" Dante asked her, considering she may not even know what the arm band was doing to her. Again, she just looked at him and blinked. Dante pointed to himself, "Dante" he said, then pointed to his Beta in the front, "Jackson" and then he pointed to her. "What's your name?" he asked again.

She fully understood him. She didn't speak, but she wasn't stupid, and she was actually a little amused by his assumption that she wasn't able to understand what he was saying. She also didn't really want to tell him her actual name, because she didn't believe she could trust him. He was known to be strong and violent, and she definitely didn't want him to find out she was the daughter of the Silver Crescent Alpha. So, instead she just pointed to the 7 that was carved into her forearm. She had been Seven for 18 months now, there was no reason to try to change that, since providing her real name wasn't an option.

Dante just sighed, "I really don't want to call you 'Omega 7'" he said to her. She just shrugged and turned to face the window. She didn't really care what he called her at that point.

Dante: Don't tell anyone who she is when we get back. Dante had said to Jackson via mind link.

Jackson: Sure thing boss, what's the plan with that?

Dante: Well, we need to figure out who she is, but I don't want anyone thinking she's going to be the Luna or anything, so I don't want anyone calling her that. Plus, if I end up needing to reject her, or if it turns out she can't be trusted, I don't want a spectacle.

Jackson: Where are you going to keep her?

Dante: I'm going to put her in the room next to mine. That way I can try to keep an eye on her, and she'll be mostly out of sight. I do want Anderson to come look her over though, but I don't want her in the pack hospital. It will raise too many questions.

Jackson: Ok, so what do we tell Anderson, and what do we tell anyone who does ask?

Dante: I'll tell Anderson when he comes to check on her, I think he needs to know exactly what he's dealing with. For anyone else who asks, she's a slave that Luther gave us as a parting gift and we haven't yet decided what to do with her.

Jackson: Alright.

It had felt like hours of silence in the car before they finally seemed to be nearing their destination. There had been multiple times she could tell that Dante and Jackson were mind-linking with each other. She could see the glazed over look in Dante's deep hazel eyes frequently as they communicated. The continued private conversations they had between them just confirmed for her the decision in her mind not to trust them. If they meant her no harm, why would they have so much to say to each other that they didn't want overheard?

The car slowed down as they approached what she assumed must be the pack house.

"I'm going to take her inside. Take that arm band to Anderson and bring him to the house as soon as you can" Dante said as Jackson parked the car.

Seven didn't fight Dante when he took her by the hand to lead her into the pack house. She knew she was in the middle of his territory, and that there wouldn't be anywhere she could run and that trying to escape, at least for now, would be foolish, and would likely result in a beating. Plus, she liked the feeling of his hand holding hers. She still wasn't convinced he was her mate, as it was just a pleasant tingle, and nothing like a mate bond should feel like, but his touch was still comforting and pleasant.

She was surprised that he led her through the front door and into the pack house. She had expected to be led to a cell in some dungeon, as she had been when first taken by Luther's crew. She was even more surprised when he led her upstairs, and to a pleasant room, furnished in with a comfortable looking bed, a nightstand with a lamp, a bookshelf, a window on the far wall, a dresser and a door that presumably led to a closet, as well as a door with a full length mirror that she thought might even lead to a bathroom.

"This is where you'll be staying for now" Dante had begun speaking to her. "Nobody has used this room for some time, but it's clean and should hopefully be comfortable for you."

"The closet his here" he said, as he walked over and opened the door to a large, empty walk-in closet. "Somebody will be bringing you something to wear soon, so you can change into something clean that will hopefully fit you better than what you have on."

She looked down at what she was wearing, realizing just how dingy and worn her clothes were. She hadn't really thought about clean clothes in a long time, as she and all the Omegas weren't given much, and were really only able to wash their things in the sink or the lake. But here, where everything else was bright and clean, she realized just how gross her clothes actually were.

"Here's the bathroom" Dante said, having walked to the door with the mirror, as he opened it to show her. She stepped closer and saw her reflection in the mirror, and her eyes filled with tears. There were plenty of reflective surfaces at Luther's, but she hadn't spent much time looking into them. But now, standing in front of the mirror, next to Dante, she couldn't help but feel completely embarrassed by how unsightly her appearance truly was.

She brushed the tears away quickly and stepped into the bathroom, to see what it looked like. It was bright and clean, with black marble countertops, that had swirls of white throughout. The fixtures were polished pewter, there was a shower and bathtub. Then she saw another door on the other side of the bathroom and walked over to it, to see where it led.

"This is my room over here" Dante said, as she opened the door and peeked through it. Seven gasped a little and backed away, walking out of the door she had come through and back into the room where Dante had said she would stay. She was nervous at the thought of being so close to the Alpha, having only an adjoining bathroom between them.

Just then, Jackson came into the bedroom, slightly knocking on the door frame of the open door as he entered, followed by an older man. Seven shrank back at their approach, as she was beginning to feel very overwhelmed.

"Seven" Dante spoke to her gently, as he approached her slowly, as if she were a frightened animal. "This is Dr. Anderson, he's our pack doctor. I've asked him to come see you and to make sure you're ok. Is it ok for him to come check on you?"

Seven relaxed a little and nodded, stepping forward slightly toward the doctor.

"Alpha, Jackson" the doctor began, as he spoke to the two men, "I think it would be best if you stepped out for a few minutes while I give her a quick exam. I think she'll feel a little more comfortable with fewer people in here.

Dante stiffened a little. He didn't want to leave her, and although he trusted the doctor, he didn't want another man touching his mate. After a moment of consideration, he realized the doctor was right, Seven would most likely be much more willing to allow the doctor to check for injuries, if he and Jackson weren't in the room.

"Fine" Dante said finally "I'll be right outside the door." And he and Jackson stepped out and closed the door behind them.

"So," the doctor said "they've been calling you Seven? Can I see your arm, with the scar?" He asked, slowly reaching toward her arm that Luther's pack had carved the 7 into.

Seven slowly moved toward the doctor, and held her arm out for him to see. He gently took her hand, and ran his finger over the scar, trying to determine the depth of the injuries. He then took the stethoscope from around his neck and proceeded with a few more minor checks to confirm her state of health. He didn't have her undress, as he figured he would have a female nurse assist with a more thorough inspection at the hospital later, but he was able to see and feel the scars on her back from the silver lashes she had received. When he was done, he opened the door, allowing Dante to re-enter.

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