Chapter 11

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"What can you tell me?" Dante asked the doctor after he joined Dante outside of Seven's room.

"She's suffered a lot of trauma in the last couple of years. Several bone breaks that healed poorly due to her wolf being restrained by the wolf's bane, as well as the scars I already told you about. She's even more malnourished than my original guess, and will need to eat a lot more than she has been. Also..." the doctor paused "she's not an Omega."

"What do you mean?" Dante asked the doctor.

"We ran a series of blood tests, standard tests to check for any disease or deficiencies, and those all came back fine, but I was able to tell, she's got upper-ranking blood. There are certain defining factors in Alpha blood, likewise there are differentiations for different ranks. Not always identifiable or traceable, but I can tell you with certainty, that she is not an Omega. She is of high ranking lineage."

When Seven woke up, she had no idea where she was, and her heart began to race, and with it, there was a beeping that increased along with her heart. There were strong smells around her, like antiseptics and medicine. She realized she was in a hospital bed, but was connected to multiple machines. She looked around frantically, not knowing how she got here, and began to tear at the tubes attached to her and pull at them, trying to free herself.

"Hey, it's ok, try to relax" came the voice she immediately recognized as Dante's. He walked into the room as soon as he had heard her heart rate increase, and he knew she was awake.

As soon as she looked at him, and smelled his scent, she fell back onto her pillow. Her wolf was going crazy inside of her, a feeling she almost didn't recognize as her wolf, since they had been separated for so long, and she could feel her wolf screaming the word 'mate' in her head. Now that Seven's wolf had fully returned, she was hit with the full force of the mate bond, and it was overwhelming.

Dante touched her forehead, brushing her auburn hair out of her face. Seven jumped a little at the touch, because the sparks and eruption of tingles were completely unexpected for her. His gentle touch was enough to send her entire body into overdrive with the excitement it felt. But the pleasure soon turned to panic, as Seven then realized that Dante was in fact her true mate, and she just hadn't felt it as strongly before, because her wolf hadn't been fully present. But now, there was no denying it. Seven was still scared of Dante though, she still didn't know what he planned to do with her and she was afraid of him and still didn't trust him, mate or not.

"Who are you really, my poor little mate?" he said softly, has he reached for her hand.

A panicked look flickered across her face at his question. She couldn't help but wonder at his question. Why did he think she was someone other than the omega he had taken from Luther? His inquiry only made her more nervous.

Dante noticed her slight panic, but still took her hand, and brought it to his lips, tenderly kissing her fingers, and looking her in the eyes. She felt the incredible sparks when his hand held hers, and then was forced to close her eyes when he kissed her fingers, as the touch of his lips on her fingers ignited the mate bond with a new fire, that shot bolts of excited pleasure through her fingers, and up her arm. That feeling further scared her, and she pulled her hand away, in order to catch her breath.

Dante frowned when she pulled away from him and then he sighed as he walked to the doorway.

"I have some things I need to see to, but I'll be back in a little while" he said. "The doctor says you should be fine with a little more rest, so when I come back, I'll help you get back to your room." And he walked away.

Dante was struggling with his feelings. The more time he spent around Seven, the stronger the mate bond became, and the harder it was for him to even consider that he might not be able to accept her as his Luna. He wanted her, but in order to keep her, he told himself he had to find out who she was and confirm that he could trust her, and more importantly, that she hadn't had anything to do with the massacre on the Silver Crescent Pack. He had work to do, and went straight to his office. He pulled out the various files that referenced his research over the past year and half. The files and documents regarding everything that had been done to help the pack get back on its feet since then, and all of the documentation he had gathered during his research. There were files about the deceased, files about who was still alive, files on the rogues that had been caught, and more and more files.

Dante looked at everything, not even sure where to begin. But he knew he had to. Not just for Seven, and not just for him and their mate bond, but for the justice of that pack and the strength of his own pack. The fate of his own pack was now directly tied to this, seeing as how his mate, and the potential Luna for his pack was somehow mixed up in it all. So he needed to figure out how. He called Jackson to help him, and they started by sorting everything into piles, and then started with the stack of files for those who had survived the attacks. He thought if he she was identified somewhere in those files, he might be able to figure out her role in all of this.

After about two hours, they had gone through the file stack of known survivors, the file stack of known deceased and the file stack of rogues, both living and deceased, and still weren't any closer to figuring out who she was, and what, if any connection she had to the Silver Crescent Pack. And then Dante received a mind link from the doctor.

She's trying to leave, Alpha. The doctor communicated to him.

Please try to keep her there, I'm on my way. Dante responded.

"Jackson" he spoke to his Beta. "Let's take a break on this. Seven is trying to leave the hospital room, so I'm going to go get her. It should be about time for dinner too. We'll pick up where we left of on this tomorrow." And he rubbed his face tiredly as he got up to head toward the hospital.

When Dante arrived at the hospital, Seven was pacing back and forth in her room. As soon he opened the door, she gave him a pleading look, and pointed toward the exit.

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