Chapter Thirty-Three

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"Yibo, I'm sleepy. Good night." Zhan said, breaking the awkward silence and laid on the bed.

Yibo was still standing on the place like a statue. He didn't want to hurt Zhan but he did. Seeing Zhan sad, he was also sad.

"That's not the thing. I wanted to say. Please I'm sorry." Yibo said but not even a single word came out from his mouth as his voice was broken.

"Zhan..!" Yibo called clearing his throat.

"Yibo, let's talk tomorrow. I'm really sleepy. Good night." Zhan said getting into the blanket.

Yibo sat on the bed beside Zhan, staring at him.

After few minutes,

Yibo called,


Zhan didn't respond.

"Zhan?!" Yibo called again but still Zhan didn't respond. So, Yibo thought Zhan fell asleep. He stood up from sitting and came to another side of bed. He knelt down on the floor, held Zhan's hand softly making sure Zhan won't wake up.

"I'm really a stupid. What can I do in this? I'm like this from my childhood. When I was a kid, everyone used to have a lot of friends but I was different, I didn't used to have any friends. They used to play a lot but I never did. I was a little different from them from everyone. Do you know, no one ever came to talk to me because they think I'm a weirdo. No one ever did any assignments with me, always I was alone. I used to have my family for me. Then you came in my life like a storm and everything changed. You are the one, who is my first friend, even if you don't want to be friends with me. You are the one, whom I care most more than me. But, I'm not like everyone, everyone can just spill what they are feeling, what they think but, I can't. I can't express my feelings to anyone. I don't know why, but I'm the way I'm, I'm this much useless. I didn't want to hurt you, I swear but I did. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I know you are angry with me but, I also know that you understand me more than anyone." Yibo said, holding Zhan's hand. Yibo placed a kiss on Zhan's forehead and stood up on his feet after placing Zhan's hand carefully.

Grasping Yibo's comfy clothes he went to change it in the bathroom. Just after Yibo closed the bathroom's door behind him, Zhan opened his eyes with a bright smile.

"Not that useless. Huh!!" Zhan said smiling.

"Idiot professor. I will make sure, you confess to me first as I know now, you love me. Huh, if you won't confess to me, I promise I also won't. Stupid bitch!! But, I love you, idiot math professor. Huh!!" Zhan said and chuckled.

"You also love me right? Don't you? I will kill you if you even look at others." Zhan said but then closed his eyes and froze when he heard, sound of the bathroom's door.

Yibo came out from the bathroom. Walk to Zhan. Watching sleepy Zhan, he felt relief. A small smile across his face which he didn't even know. Yibo, sat beside Zhan,

"Good night, and I'm sorry again." Yibo said, stroking Zhan's hair, which made Zhan's cheeks flash.

"I want to touch you too. Can you just kiss me again on my cheeks? Making my cheeks burn. Please?" Zhan thought in his mind but pity can't say.

Yibo stood up and walked to the other side of bed.

"Don't gooo without kissing me. Don't go!! You stupid noob professor." Zhan screams internally.

Yibo also laid on the bed and turned off the light.

"Now that's my chance." Zhan said internally and moved to Yibo.

Zhan holds Yibo's hand tightly to his chest and then exhales a large breath of peace. Yibo also holds Zhan's hand then they both fall asleep peacefully. (Making them sleep is so tough 😂)

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