~Chapter 15~

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The next day was quite hectic for the couple.

Marinette had tumbled to sleep, exhausted because of all the events.

The next day she woke up because of the sunlight shining on her eyes and she let out a yawn. She looked at her boyfriend, who was still sleeping peacefully in front of her and she smiled.

She then thought about everything that had happened the day before and she remembered all the civilians of Paris.

She cursed under her breath when she realized that she had also forgotten about the meeting she had planned for all Paris' superheroes.

Adrien stirred next to her, probably woken up because of her mumbling and he turned to face her.

He smiled softly and pecked her lips.

This made Marinette look at him and her lips tugged up in a smile. "Good morning, sleepyhead."

Adrien yawned. "Why did I just wake up to your cursing?"

Marinette grimaced in response. "Just chaotic old me, I guess. Forgot to do a lot of things yesterday."

He reached out to softly caress her cheek. "Princess, you had had such an exhausting day, it is understandable that you wanted to rest. Besides, Paris can wait for a while. We defeated Hawkmoth for god's sake."

"Yeah, I guess." Marinette nodded, contemplating his words.

He was right. They stood eye to eye with Hawkmoth and had saved the whole of Paris just a few hours ago. They deserved some time alone. So no guilt was needed.

Marinette sat up. "I'm not sorry anymore, but I do think that they deserve to know that Hawkmoth is defeated. Everyone could use a party."

She walked up to her closet and rummaged through it, looking for a chill outfit. Adrien's eyes trailed after the whole time, just mesmerized by the girl.

She turned towards him and squinted her eyes. "We may be together, but I would enjoy some privacy while I'm changing."

"I've seen you in a bra before, Princess. So it would be nothing new to me." Adrien cackled, folding his arms behind his head, and smirked at Marinette.

Her mouth fell open. "What? When?!"

"You know the time I was turned around while you were changing? I could see you through that mirror." He pointed towards the mirror situated in the corner of her room.

She ran towards the bed and jumped on him. He let out a girlish squeal which made the both of them laugh.

She laid on top of him and booped his nose. "You perv. Don't you have any manners?"

"I do, just not with you." He pulled her in for a kiss and smiled.

Their teeth crashed against each other, both grinning like Cheshire cats, but they didn't care.

She then stood up and changed in front of him. A blush covered his cheeks, still not quite used to seeing her half-naked.

She giggled at his flushed expression. "Something wrong?", she teased. "It's nothing you haven't seen before, right?"

He scowled at her and covered his face. She walked towards him again and grabbed his hands, making his face visible again. "I love you."

He smiled in response. "I love you too, M'lady."

She kissed his forehead and then walked towards his duffle bag, now finally able to look in it because she already knew his identity.

She tossed him a simple jogging suit and watched him get dressed, now fiercely blushing.

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