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I don't even know if I am more nervous or excited

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I don't even know if I am more nervous or excited. Today was my first day of college.

It's actually happening. Things are finally falling into place. It's only been two days since I have been in LA, and I am already happier, and that scares me more than anything.

"I am so nervous." Riley said as we walked out of the dorm.

It was currently nine in the morning. Riley and I had classes in half an hour, whereas Dani's class doesn't start until eleven.

"Tell me about it." I said, adjusting the bag on my shoulder.

"Do you wanna pick up some coffee?" Riley asked, gesturing to the coffee shop.

"Yeah. That sounds good."

Walking out of the coffee shop with our cups in our hands, we started making our way to the main building.

I was a biology major and Riley was an art major, so our lectures were in the opposite direction, but we had some documents to submit at the office which was in the main building.

"Yesterday was so much fun. It reminded me of when Ethan comes back home for holidays with Noah and Mason." Riley said as we were discussing yesterday's Ikea trip.

"It was really fun." I agreed, smiling at the memory.

We honestly had so much fun yesterday. Once we made our way up to the dorm, all of us ordered food and chilled for two hours straight. Everyone was so comfortable around each other, some more than others.

I am talking about Dani and Mason.

They were so cute together. I almost feel like a teenage girl fawning over my favorite fictional couple.

But they were actually so adorable together, sharing food and the blanket. It was amazing.

After we had the conversation, Ethan and I were back to how we were at the party. Slightly flirty.

Noah's presence was entertaining enough. We were constantly laughing, flirting, or taking jabs at each other.

"This is where we separate." Riley said pointing to her building on the left.

"I'll see you later." I smiled at her in an effort to comfort her.

"Yeah. We are meeting after Dani's classes, right?"

Dani's class gets over around one and she wants to audition for the cheer squad, so Riley and I were going for 'moral support' as she puts it.

"Yeah. We are." I nodded.

"Okay, I'll see you then." She smiled at me and turned around to walk to her class, leaving me alone in this huge hallway filled with all kinds of people.

Breathing out once to calm my nerves, I started walking towards my building. It was a beautiful grey building, very sleek with glass doors and windows.

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