Kidnapped Part Two

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Rose's POV
My eyes darted back and forth around the mysterious car,as the driver continued to drive,pointing a gun on my forehead,threatening to shoot if I moved or tried to act smart. He kept on staring through the rear view mirror,as my hand balled up in a fist,and my brain started to figure out of ways to get out of this mess.

Calm down,it's okay,it's fine,calm down

My mind started to black out,there was just darkness all around me now,I felt terribly alone and totally in danger. My senses all felt locked,as if they were disabled with a switch. I wasn't able to figure out any single way to get out of this. My mobile was seized,my mouth was covered with a cloth,as tight as if I would lose my breath in any second.

Who is he,why is he doing this?!

My mascara was now all over my eyes,I was crying profusely and the times I tried to talk a bit,or give off any of my whimpering he would slam the gun on my forehead,threatening me to shut up and stay under the seat. My hands started to shiver,my nose was bleeding and I felt dizzy as hell,clearly not being able to cope up with the stress.

I shut my eyes tightly,and grasped on my cloth and started to recite few dua as I hoped sincerely for it to work. What my eyes saw,in that darkness was only those pair of dark brown eyes,with a sparkling smile and the silky wavy hair.

"Eran" I stuttered by mistake as the driver hit me once more with the gun,and this time all I saw was my head spin and I slowly lost my consciousness.

Eran's POV
"Rose" I said all of a sudden,as the wave of sleep rushed out of my eyes and I stood up waking up from my back seat as my car was empty. Maybe they all left. I noticed my location being in front of Rose's coaching centre and it was dark outside,probably 7 pm.

Oh god!

I missed the opportunity of surprising her and she might have gone home I bet! I quickly looked for my mobile and noticed the time being 6;30 pm. My heart beat was going crazy as I closed my eyes and drew in a huge breath. I had a terrible nightmare as if Rose was in some danger,and the thing I saw and heard was her frightened face,and a loud scream.

Not being able to control the feeling and fear I quickly called her on her phone but no one picked up. Did she fell asleep or what? She never ignores my calls,or did I again make her mad at me?

I sighed and dialed her number once again,as no one picked up and now it had become to drive me insane. Okay,you need to calm down Eran,it's fine! Maybe she is just taking a shower,it's alright. Rolling my eyes,I jumped to the drivers seat and sped down the street towards my house.

I swear to God,if I knew where she stays,I would have literally drove to her house,just to see her for once. I mean Rose is but different,everything about her just makes me dive into her much more. As if there was some sort of steadiness to her, as if all the kinds of storms in the world were a just a soft breeze if she was there.

She's the definition of kindness but yet she knew how to act like a complete queen,as if she knew how to be a down to earth person,with the talent of killing someone too,perhaps that's what drew people to her. But her smile was the only feature about her,which had me wrapped up around her fingers.

My queen..

Giving off another set of smiles I dialed her number once again,as it rang for six times,and she finally picked up. "E..Eran me" said Rose,as my feet crashed the brakes of my car and my eyebrows immediately furrowed. "Rose,Rose,hey? Baby? What's going on?! Where are you?" I said,my voice cracking.

The line went blank and I couldn't get any other knowledges as she hung up.

What the hell

My hands began to shake,fearing as the feeling of dread washed over me and the thought of losing her made my eyes tear up. What the hell just happened?! Where is she?! I quickly dialed up Ricky's phone number as his dad is an inspector and he would probably be able to help me with this.

"Bro" he said,as I cut him off. "Ricky,I need you to trace this phone number right now! Tell me the location of it within five minutes!" I said and disconnected the call as I patiently began to wait for the text.

Don't worry baby,I won't let anything happen to you

Rose's POV
My eyes fluttered open,as I heard my phone to vibrate and I was in an unknown location. Sneakily,maintaining my posture and silence I led my hand forwards and grabbed my mobile which was lying on the floor of the car. The car was somewhere parked and the driver was nowhere to be seen.

The call was from Eran and without making any further delays I quickly received the call. "E..Eran me" I stuttered as he quickly replied, "Rose,Rose,hey? Baby? What's going on?! Where are you?"

His voice felt like such a cure at that moment. As if his voice was like a beautiful cold music under a warm summer breeze making me wanna listen to it all. The moment I opened my mouth to reply,I heard few footsteps coming near me as I quickly disconnected the call and threw my phone towards the front seat and pretended to be asleep.

The driver came in and sat and gave a view towards me,and started to drive once again as the car shook,and my entire body started to ache. There are no words to explain the fear and terror of thinking this person could pull over and kill me at any moment. After two minutes,as he stopped the car once more for a traffic signal maybe,I noticed he hadn't locked the car this time.

Sneakily holding the doorknob of the car,I pulled it hard as the door flung open and I screamed and got out from the car as the driver shot his scary gaze towards me and I ran as fast as I could.

To be continued

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