Chapter 30- classes

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Blood gushed out from the boys nose as he crawled backwards to get away from the tall ginger. "You're crazy Weasley!", he yelled while standing to his feet and running down the hall clutching his nose.

Fred brushed the dirt off of his robes with a small grin at the corner of his lips. "What a piece of shit", he muttered to himself.

Ember hugged her book bag to her chest as she watched him avoid her gaze. His eyes kept focus on his robes. He kept trying to brush off the dirt that no longer stuck to him as if he was stalling.

Her heart beat began to slow down as she stared at his face. She remembered that face from that late night in the hallway not far from where she was standing now. Every encounter she's had with him kept proving her assumption of him being dangerous and very aggressive.

That should mean she should want to stay away from him, but a tiny nerve inside her wanted to do the opposite. She wanted to be close to him. She wanted to know him.

"A little first year just ran in there and said you started to beat someone's ass out here Fred! What the bloody-"

"No need to act like Mum, Ginny. I was just helping", said Fred crossing his arms over one another.

Ginny threw up her hands, "I don't act like Mum! And helping who exactly?"

"Emberlynn of course, because you left her out here by herself", said Fred without looking at Ember.

Ginny gulped, "I was coming right back I just needed to find out where Hermione is. . . for something"

Fred rolled his eyes, "Right. Well you were taking your bloody time because that git Auburn decided to pay a visit to Bl- to Emberlynn. He was yelling at her from across the hall I could hear him from the stairs", he pointed.

Ginny furrowed her eyebrows, "What? That piece of chicken shit, Apollo, was yelling at you Em?"

Ember turned to break her gaze away from Fred, "Yes. He called my name and then started yelling at me saying that I was stupid because someone was manipulating me"

Ginny cocked an eyebrow at Fred, "Sort of right about the manipulating part", she mumbled.

Fred flared his nostrils, "She was scared out of her mind Ginny! You should've seen the look on her face. I didn't know what he was going to do. . ."

"So you beat his ass?", said Ginny pursing his lips.

"I punched him once Gin. The little first year just saw me tackle him and got all hyped up. And plus you're one to talk, you always are up for a good fight"

"Whatever. Where'd he go?", she asked.

Fred shrugged, "Probably to the Hospital wing. I might've broken his nose, I got em' pretty good. Just like you did"

Ginny grinned, "Mhmm"

"You punched that boy before?", asked Ember.

Ginny smirked and shrugged, "Yeah I broke his nose not too long ago"

Ember's eyes widened, "Why!? Is he a mean boy?"

"I'll tell you maybe another time Em. Right now we have to go somewhere"

Fred stared down at his shoes. He wanted to look up at his love so badly. But he couldn't do it. He wouldn't.

Ember looked over to Fred. She had been waiting for him to look at her but he just wouldn't. She didn't understand, it wasn't making sense.

Ginny tugged on Ember's sleeve, "Come on Em, we have to meet Mione in the library"

Ember took one last look at Fred to see if he'd make eye contact with her, then walked away with Ginny.

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