23: Trip

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Jungkook pov

Right now, everyone were at the living room. Dad returned from his tour along  with our step mom. I saw soyun smiling and giggling as if nothing happened to her.

How can she smile through so much pain? Or....no don't think things like that. She wouldn't get beaten up this easily if it was like that. But....it can be an act to show up innocent as well. Aishh!!! This is driving me crazy!

Actually I felt bad for her when i heard the whole thing from namjoon hyung. I knew it was the school queenkas who always try to cling on us. I decided to to treat her with some chocolates. But when o went to give them, i saw jimin hyung as well. I hid and saw that he brought some nuts and a beverage for her.

He knocked the door and went away. I took the chance and kept my chocolates in front of her door alongside with my note and then also went away.

I looked at her and saw her hugging her mom like a little kid.
Mom! I missed u soo muchh!!!
She said and pouted. What a cutie!
Didn't my daughter missed me?
We saw dad with two suitcases in his hand.

Soyun went to him and hugged him as well.
I missed u too dad!
She said and kissed his cheeks. Dad smiled and patted her head.
Soyunie...did u...slept well?
Her mother asked out of blue making her startled.

Out of all things...why sleeping? Is there anything wrong with her? I saw her nodding her head vigorously denying it. I could easily tell it was a lie. Somethings definitely wrong.

Her mom sighed and made her sit on the couch.
I know u didn't. You should have told one of ur brother-
She cutted of her mother in the middle hearing brother.
I was totally fine i said! How many times i need to tell that?

She looked annoyed and nervous also. Then she gulped hard and tried to cover that up.
A-anyways...mom! How was ur trip! How did it wenttt!!!!
She asked excitedly. Seriously! She was nervous a few minutes ago and nowh-

Aishh!! Stop acting like that! You're talking as if we went on a honeymoon! This was just a businesses trip!
Her mom said giggling. We were just watching the show in front of us silently.

Princess~~i have a sure for uu~~
Dad came her more like singing with a big suitcase in his hand. She smiled showing her cute tooth.
Dad opened the suitcase which was filled with foreign snacks and chocolates. Her eyes and mouth went wide seeing them. Her reaction was priceless.

Honey, why did bring that much? I told u that wasn't necessary.
Her mom said.
Yes dad. Mom is right. You shouldn't have wasted-
She was telling something but dad cut her off.
Anything for my princess. It's not a waste.
He said and pinched her nose. Dad really loves daughter.

I saw some of the members rolling their eyes. Wait- don't we get anything?
Where's our present?
I opened my mouth for the first time after coming here. Dad looked at me more like a glare. We heard a little voice of soyun
I can share...

But some of the members scoffed and went away. Only me, suga hyung and namjoon hyung was left. Oh i forgot to mention jin hyung went away to make food a long ago.
Don't mind them yunnie...they must've been upset.
Dad said with a wide smile.
No dad it's ok. I understand .
She said and forced a smile. I could easily tell she was more upset.

How about...we go on a trip to hong kong?
Dad said out of blue. Wait...hong kong is the place we have most mission! Why there? Isn't it risk? What have gotten into him! Is he insane?
Whaaatttt!!! Hong koomnngg!!! Omg~~~~
She shouted and started jumping like a 5 years. Suga hyung chuckled seeing her behaviour.

She grabbed her mom and was still jumping excitedly.
Moommm!!! We will go to hong konnngg!! Can we go on Disney landdd!! Wohooooo
She screamed and started running.

Her mom laughed and shook her head in disbelive.
Boys, don't mind her. She's just like that. She wanted to go on Disney land for long...we were about to go...but....
She stopped making us more curious.
Namjoon hyung asked.

She wanted to go there with her brother. Minie made a surprise for her. But he...he...met a accident and....
She sniffled a little then continued
She loved her brother very much. He used to take a lot of care of her. But...now...she can't even sleep at night. I saw this a few days before coming here. She cried almost every night. She had frequent nightmares. I told her to take sleeping pills but she doesn't listen to me. Boys...i have a request to u. Please take a good care of her when we are away. I love her very much. I can't afford to lose her.

She said the whole story with tears in her eyes. I felt very bad now. We let our ego take over us but never thought about her. That's why she asked about sleeping?

3rd person pov

Hearing the narrated story from her mother  everyone's heart melted. She has through a lot. J hope also heard it from far. He felt bad as well. They all made an oath to take care of even if it harms their ego. They heard that their parents will ho on a honeymoon after the marriage. But soyun don't know this. All the members decided to make up with her and treat her a sister as they wanted to keeping their doubt about her aside.

End of chapter 23

What do think will happen next? Will they get along this easily?

Sowy for making u wait for so long. My freaking exam was announced all of a sudden and mt mother took away my phone! 🙂

Ok so....

I have some questions to u guys. Many if u have said in the comment like 'Minhyuk is not dead' 'His secret is he's not dead' 'He's keeping a secret of his death' like these. Soo...why do u think like that? What makes u think that he's NOT dead? And WHY do u think that he would keep it a secret?



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