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I open my eyes to the view of a beautiful field. The flowers and tall grass come up to my hips and I have to pick up my feet a bit higher than normal to make my way through it.

"Claramay," a sing-song voice calls from somewhere I can't see. "Claramay!"

With all of my might, I run toward the sound, but they are nowhere to be seen. They call to me again—a woman, I believe. Despite my aching feet, it feels like I haven't made any progress.

Then, suddenly, the sweet smell of flowers is no longer lingering in the air. It is replaced with thick, unbreathable smoke. My eyes scan the meadow, lost for the source. The skies are blue, and the sun sits heavily in the sky, yet I feel as though I am surrounded by unbreathable fire. I cough, screaming for someone to help me, but there's no one. Just an empty field.

"Claramay!" The voice is screaming now, "Help us! Help us!"

"Where are you?!" I yell out into the bright sky.

Silence follows.

I drop to my knees as the smoke becomes too much to bear. It feels as though my lungs don't know how to work anymore; like I'm suffocating out of nothing. Maybe it's because I can't see what's going on, but the explanation is brushed off as ridiculous the second it comes to me.

My magic flutters to attention when I call on it, but there's nothing it can do at this point. My eyes grow heavy as I suffocate from lack of oxygen, but peace doesn't come.

"Claramay," the woman says again, but it's turned violent, like a warning. "Stop them, Claramay! Save her!"

I wake to a scream.


I jump out of the bed and race towards the bathroom. Before I know it, my entire face is hovering over the toilet as I release a sickness that I've never experienced in my immortal life.

Klaus appears behind me, grabbing my hair to get it out of the way of my retching. I'll worry about being mortified later, for now, I can hardly breathe with how terrible I feel.

"What's going on?" Adalynn asks, coming into the room.

She notices me rather quickly, but I don't really see her clearly just yet. My head pounds as another rush comes in and I have to look away from her to hurl again.

Klaus hums calming things in the meantime. At least I think so, it's not like I can make them out over my own pain, but the hand rubbing my back does make all the difference comfort-wise.

"Bloody hell," I curse with a cough, coming up for air.

"My thoughts exactly," he mumbles.

My eyes flutter a bit as I try to at least sit up from the floor, but the dizziness is overwhelming. A warm towel is placed on my forehead and I feel a cold hand touch my cheek.

"She has a fever," Adalynn diagnoses.

"That should be impossible," Klaus says. "Let's get her back in bed."

I feel him lift me. My lungs feel heavy, but at least I'm not throwing up anymore.


I open my eyes, surprised to find that I'm already back in the bed. Adalynn sits down beside me. Her forehead is scrunched up as she examines me, and I reach out to clutch her hand.

"Hey, I don't like that look," I tell her, my voice scratchy, but more powerful than I thought it would be. "I'm supposed to be the one worrying about you, remember?"

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