24: Cared

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Soyun pov

I jumped on my bed happily. I can't believe we are going to hong kong!! But wait...will we go there after the marriage ceremony? Whatever the main thing is we are going there! I wanted to go there from long ago. I remembered when Minhyuk oppa once promised me he will take me to hong kong. But now...he's not here.

I took the bracelet he gave to me.
U are going with me, right oppa?
I was talking with the bracelet. He gave it to me as a sibling symbol. He had two best friends who also had kinda similar type of bracelet. One of them is Jackson oppa and the other was.....
*knock knock*

Someone knocked my door.
Strawberryyyy dinner is readyyy
I heard jin oppa calling me.
Coming oppaaa
I said and wore the bracelet. I wore this after a long. I smiled a litte and headed to the dining area. I saw everyone present there.

But i felt scared to be around them.
Hey yunnie...come here...
Taehyung oppa was calling me with his box smile. He looks very cute with that smile. I always see him cold or rude. Is that because mom and dad are here?

Their past deeds did hurt me a lot. But now, what should i do? There were two seats left. One between taehyung oppa and jungkook oppa and the other between yoongi oppa and namjoon oppa. I'd prefer the 2nd one rather than sitting next to jungkook and taehyung. But taehyung oppa now calling me NICELY!

This reminds me of the time when jungkook oppa called me nicely and pulled upon a horrible prank. I was more hurt inside than injured outside. I was still standing there and saw a deadly glare from jungkook. This made me hella nervous than before. Namjoon oppa seem noticing my nervousness so he spoke.

Yunnie, u can sit here if u want!
He said and smiled showing his dimple. He's so cute and looks warm. I wonder how they manage to keep that cold behaviour despite having these smiles. I startled when heard a deep voice of jungkook
U are going to seat next to us right? Baby sis?
He said greeting his teeth making me sit next to him quietly.

I see...u guys are getting along! U even fight for seats! That's so sweet.
Mom said and chuckled. I returned her a small smile then looked at the food next to me. I didn't have an appetite but i didn't like to ruin the moment. I stared at the delicious food which used to make my mouth watery just at the sight. But now, it makes me disgusted.

Taehyung oppa noticed this and spoke.
Yunnie-ah, why don't u try this! This is really good!
He said handing me a delicious crab item. I smiled and dig in. I forced myself to eat even though i felt like I'm gonna puke.

Oh btw yunnie! We're going to shopping for our marriage ceremony. U r going with ur brother and chose ur and their outfits! I know you'll chose the best for them like u always did to minie!
Mom said smiling wider and i just returned with a nod.

Where are we going to shop btw?
I asked to make the conversation last long.
At the times square shopping mall
Mom said making me choke on my food. This is the biggest mall of seoul! Everyone chuckled seeing my reaction which made me embarrassed as well.

I saw jungkook oppa bringing the soup bowl through my peripheral view. He was going to take it when his hands slipped accidentally. My eyes went wide and in no time, i kept my palms on his to make the hot soup fall on my hand. I hissed in pain and everyone present there looked at our direction.

I heard almost everyone yell but i was busy keeping the pain on myself. My eyes were closed shut due to the pain i was bearing. My hands turned red as the hot soup fell directly there.
What have u done?!
I heard jungkook oppa yell furiously and annoyed.
Don't worry I'm ok. I've been through a lot more than this.
I said in a voice only audible for him.

Oh cmon yunnie! U shouldn't have done that! Now come with me.
Taehyung oppa said getting up and dragging me somewhere without giving anyone a chance to talk.
W-where are we g-going?
I asked feeling scared.
Don't be afraid. I'll just treat ur hands.
He said chuckling a little.
I said i a low voice but he didn't answer.

He made me seat on a stool in the first aid room and went to bring some cold water.
Here keep ur hand in it. You'll feel better. I'll be right back.
He said and smiled a little and then went away. Seriously? Is he sick or something? I just did what he said and looked at the bracelet of minhyuk oppa.

He came back and sat in front of me. He stated treating my hand which was badly injured now.
Umm...taehyung... are u sick or something?
I asked out of curiosity but he just chuckled. He nodded denying it.
U can call me oppa
He said and smiled a little.
Wait- did u hit ur head to something bad?
I again asked him he again chuckled denying it.

Then...are u just putting up an act in front of mom and dad? If so, then it's not necessary. I will take care of myself.
I told him i a low tone feeling scared that he will lose his temper. And i can't help with that cuz he will turn into a devil if he losses his so called temper.

But instead, he just sighed and looked at me. My hands were almost done by now.
Look yunnie...I'm... I'm sorry. I sorry for all my past doings and i really mean it. I know that it is really hard for what we've done.. but..at least give us...a chance. I also know that, we aren't worth ur forgiveness....but...
He stopped at his mid sentence as my hands were done. He noticed the bracelet in my hand.

This is so beautiful! Who gave it to you?He asked making me hesitant for the answer

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This is so beautiful! Who gave it to you?
He asked making me hesitant for the answer.
T-this...was given by...my...oppa...
I said looking down. He smiled
That suits u really well. I guess he loved u a lot.
He said and smiled. I just nodded and got up from my seat hurrying to my room.

Taehyung pov

I sighed after she left she room. She looks like an angel. But we were fool enough to let our pride and doubt take over us. We didn't see the real fairy which was right present in front of our eyes.

Don't worry berry. From now on, ur taehyung oppa changed and he will never hurt u. Nor let anyone else hurt u. I will shower u with love as ur 'minie' oppa did.

End of chapter 24

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